Andreessen Horowitz, the renowned venture capital firm that’s funded the likes of Airbnb, Lyft and Coinbase, is raising roughly $15 million for a new fund geared toward backing black celebrities, athletes and media figures, according to The Wall Street Journal. Read More
For cybercriminals small or medium-sized businesses are as attractive targets as giant enterprises. This is why you must have a cyberattack response plan. Read More
Twitter will soon be removing accounts belonging to individuals who have managed to avoid a prior suspension.

In addition, Twitter will be suspending accounts that were previously suspended for abusive behavior. Read More
Is Facebook Messenger part of your social media marketing plan?
It should be, especially if the first stat in this week’s article from Larry Kim is to be believed. In it, he says that companies using Messenger are seeing an 80% engagement rate. That’s right … 80%! Read More
If you want to explore how mobile is impacting the digital presence of your business, then make time to attend the ‘How Mobile Ate the Web — and 7 Ways Small Businesses Can Capitalize’ webinar.
Presented by Small Business Trends Founder and CEO Anita Campbell in collaboration with Verizon Business Read More
WPA2 has given us 14 years of secure wireless networking. WPA3 will fix a number of big problems in WPA2 and make strong security the default condition.
Read More
The freelancer market is maturing and businesses no longer have any misgivings about hiring someone from this workforce. The Q2 2018 Skills Index from Upwork has revealed the skill sets for freelancers are now more diversified and they are highly proficient. Read More
Training specialist DTL is reminding employers that it pays to ensure comfortable working temperatures whatever the elements. Read More
After sent delete Whatsapp message update, now Whatsapp announce a new update Whatsapp group calling video and audio for Android and iPhone. With one of the recent update, WhatsApp comes up with a group calling feature. Read More
Cookbook Village recently contributed to an article about building a Shopify Facebook store. The article by includes an excerpt on Cookbook Village. It got us thinking about our social media pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and most recently Instagram. We often post interes Read More

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