Interested in starting or growing a franchise business?
If you’re looking to start or expand a franchise business in the South Florida area, you’re in luck. The South Florida Regional Franchise Seminar is just around the corner. On March 29, the Fort Lauderdale event will feature the Franchise Con Read More
Some clients who want a CMS-based website want even more simplicity than WordPress can offer, but still want the benefits of WordPress under the hood. For these types of sites, there’s an excellent new site builder option, StudioPress Sites. Read More
The cold winter months can lead to a lot of small business owners feeling particularly uninspired about their day-to-day operations.
But attending educational events can help entrepreneurs get out of those slumps and start feeling inspired again. There are plenty of great opportunities coming up w Read More
As a leadership keynote speaker, I know that driving engagement and leading change are the two best ways to help organizations and teams grow successfully. Read More
If you do any printing at your small business, then you likely have some old ink cartridges lying around. In some cases, you may be able to refill those cartridges a couple of times to get the most out of them. But it’s possible that refilling cartridges can have a negative impact on print quality. Read More
The 13th largest diamond was found in March 2017 in Sierra Leone. This is certain to go down in history and become one of the most famous jewels of all time.

#diamond #diamonds #carat Read More
SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been the buzzword in the business tech world for so long that it has found its way into common parlance. Every business, from the biggest players on the Sensex to a bedroom blogger, has an online presence which they would want to increase visitors online to imp Read More
vShare is one of the popular iOS application for iPhone and iPad devices. You can download vShare app on variety of iOS devices without jailbreak. Read More
High-Quality Graphics Design Tools are expensive. And if you need to some graphic design work which will boost your marketing effort, and need tools which are on a budget, you must be wondering where you can find graphic designing tools. There are a ton of them out there, but these five will defini Read More
Sony opened up what it calls the “Wow Factory” in a converted warehouse on Trinity Street in Austin, where members of its Future Lab program have set up some of the coolest and weirdest hardware concepts out there. The Future Lab program is a research and development initiative that urges Sony empl Read More

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