Amazing news for photo bloggers who runs their site on WordPress, Postbot, a photo scheduling app which will allow you to upload and schedule multiple photos on your WordPress blog. Read More
Things are always in motion on Earth. Life is never static - we are always inhaling and exhaling, producing and consuming, enjoying and reflecting, giving birth and dying.
In line with the Earth Day celebration Sideqik produced an infographic showing what happens in one day on Earth that impacts Read More
Last week, Cloud Storage provider, Dropbox, announced they were launching a media sharing application called Carousel. This allows simplified browsing of images or video held in your account and (more importantly) it includes features to share this media with other users. Carousel is delivered as Read More
It seems laptop and smartphone manufacturers aren’t the only ones making bank off people’s obsession with high quality mobile devices. Read More
“The search engine has pretty much killed the pub debate as any argument is almost always ended by the phrase ‘I have Googled it...’ whereas ten, fifteen years ago you might have heard ‘I've asked my mate...’ and I think it'll be a long time since we start saying ‘I've Twittered it.’” said Ian Harr Read More
Now the companies are crawling to patch servers and update software after the “Heartbleed” bug was first revealed to the public. Last week, “Heartbleed" was one of the most discussed security vulnerabilities. Read More
The core developers tried to provide us a great image editing experience in this version of the software & they have done a remarkable job with WordPress 3.9. Read More
Picture this: you have just come across a resume with stunning IT skills and have not called the candidate – you decide to wait to speak to them during the interview. During the interview, you realize that the candidate does not communicate well. Read More
Google buys Drone Maker Company, Titan Aerospace which is the manufacturer of solar-powered drones. Earlier Facebook was interested to acquire Titan Aerospace but it has decided to acquire rival drone-maker Ascenta instead. Read More
Even with the last-minute competition bid from Relativity Media, Disney is rumored to have already successfully acquired online video production company Maker Studios. Although shareholders won’t vote until today on the acquisition, Maker Studios has already stated that it’s entering a deal with Di Read More

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You may have sometimes felt your boss, co-workers or employees needed a therapist. But did you know there is a … More
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