Nobody goes into business thinking they'll be sued, but it happens all of the time. Here's how to choose the right business structure and protect yourself. Read More
While the legal fine print may not be the most glamorous or exciting part of your business, it can be absolutely critical to the success of your business, and the safety of your personal savings. Read More
It doesn’t have the most polite name, but a CYA file will cover your you-know-what in case of a problem related to your business venture. You never know what you’ll face — a financial inconsistency, a legal dispute, etc. — so you should keep backup copies of all of your important papers in the same Read More
In United States v. Houser and Houser, a 2011 federal criminal court case from Northern Georgia, the United States levied criminal false claim indictments against the Housers for billing for nursing home services that the government claimed were so “deficient” that to bill them constituted criminal Read More
As part of selling your business, the lease can be one of the most overlooked barriers to completing the deal. The buyer and seller may have a “meeting of the minds” when it comes to the lease, but if it isn’t assigned they have nothing to buy or sell. Let’s explore a few of the common issues tha Read More
Everyone in business understands how important branding is for the success of your company. Originally, branding meant a way to tell one person’s cattle from another’s. Nowadays, a brand defines the identity, or the personality of a product, a company, a service, or even an individual. Business Read More
ZPIC stands for Zone Program Integrity Contractors. Created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), ZPIC audits are used to identify and remedy fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. The CMS has created seven (7) zones to monitor the entire country, with each zone comprising anywhere from Read More
It seems that every year there has to be an update for the compliance frameworks. You can find this change to be really annoying especially if you spent so much time implementing your previous framework. The increase of cyber risks brought about the need for compliance frameworks. With the technolo Read More
GDPR Compliance is now a part of running a website.

Have a look at these resources to help make your site GDPR Compliant so you don't run into problems later on. Read More
Healthcare fraud is among the biggest threats faced by the healthcare service industry. It’s estimated that it costs the U.S. government and the American people more than $100 billion annually. Federal and state agencies are very serious about combating healthcare fraud and investigations and prose Read More

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