As crazy as this sounds, in this post, The Franchise King® teaches you how to get rid of your boss once and for all! Are you ready to do it? Are you ready to say "ba-bye" to your boss? Read More
If you are tired of sitting on your desk doing the same 9-5 job, being an entrepreneur might cross your mind one way or another. More often than not, individuals who want to break free from being corporate slaves seek for ways to earn while still having enough time to spend on other things. Because Read More
Do franchise rankings really matter? Should you use them in your research? The Franchise King® Joel Libava, tells you how seriously you should take rankings. Read More
Here are a few eco-friendly tips to save your franchise business money. They come from Earthwise Environmental. Get more green! Read More
If you’re looking to buy a franchise, part of your research must include potential market size. And thanks to the internet, market data has never been easier to gather. In this post, I talk about the growth of fitness franchises. Read More
before you decide to take a franchise broker up on his "Free Franchise Consultation," read this article. It exposes 7 ugly truths about franchise brokers that they don't want you to know about. Read More
One of the best (and most lucrative) ways to leverage the franchise business model, and the system associated with it, is to invest on a multi-unit franchise opportunity. Read why on the Franchise Business University blog. Read More
For many individuals that explore franchising as the next step in their career, as a way to control their own destiny or as a way to create a family business understanding the process can be quite overwhelming. Below are several articles by two franchise experts that will help interested parties dil Read More
You probably shouldn't read this if you're hungry. That's because this blog post by The Franchise King, is all about food franchises. Should you buy one? Is a food franchise right for you? Find out here. Read More
Every business has problems. Independent ones. Franchise businesses. But, solving them can be a challenge. Unless you have support. Like the type of support you get when you own a franchise. See how today's franchisees get help with their businesses. Read More

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