Time to shine with an online makeover

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From http://bloggertone.com 2970 days ago
Made Hot by: lenacole on September 2, 2010 8:28 am
Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover...


Written by catherineconnors
2965 days ago

Yet another great post Christina, I'm currently updating my website so I'll be taking all your tips in consideration.....

Written by littlegiggles
2967 days ago

Our virtual locks have been pretty dull lately... thanks to you, we'll be turning heads in no time! ;) well done Christina!

Written by businessavante
2968 days ago

Niall, I think to some businesses a web site is the new "Hoola Hoop". No one knows what it does, but they just have to have one because everyone else does.


Written by CGonlineM
2967 days ago

Thank you - I'm hankering after a packet of 'hoola hoops' hehe

Written by nialldevitt
2968 days ago

A question I ask every client at the start is what was your web presence worth to your business last year? Outside of e-commerce businesses, I can hardly recall anyone else been able to answer the question. What is the point of having a website (which is a business too) that delivers nothing; many small businesses continue to want a website that has no ROI. Can someone please explain to me why this is?

Written by CGonlineM
2967 days ago

Hi Niall + Businessavante.

Its all to do with the push from society - what is considered a 'norm' etc. Globally, websites are a 'norm', just like a TV, a washing machine etc (obviously not all of these goods are norms in every country, but you get the picture).

So - each business 'must' have a website to be normal. In many cases the website is just to take the slot on the web, to have a presense, to feature it on a business card, and yes @Businessavante just to have one. Its a real shame that some businesses are not seeing any actual potential gain from having a website or will not budget for ongoing dev etc. In truth, a website can be the most powerful tool you have. But it takes effort, time and commitment.

If we flip the coin, developers and designers may not wish to refuse business - if someone asks for a site, how many would turn round and say 'actually a website will provide no value for you', or 'unless you are willing to contribute continually, I'm not designing it'.

We're a market-led society strongly opposed to the exception (except when we want innovation, then creativity is justified). We're contradictory for sure!

Written by umnumnum
2968 days ago

Inspirational! Great stuff!

Written by MoxieWorks
2968 days ago

Great simple advice that a small business could use today. Excellent!

Written by CGonlineM
2968 days ago

Absolutely. Marketing is something that every company big and small can invest in. More often than not following (and sticking) to a strategy plan will keep things moving at a nice pace. So happy you gained from the post!

Written by CGonlineM
2969 days ago

I'm so glad you enjoyed it Lena! I aim to write in an engaging and fun manner.

Written by lenacole
2969 days ago

This uses wonderfully visual language - very engaging.

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