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From http://bloggertone.com 2902 days ago
Made Hot by: HeatherStone on September 3, 2010 11:26 pm
Working for yourself. It all started as a dream, a vision, an inspiration, didn’t it? Freedom from office politics, other people’s agendas, the 9-to-5 routine (that seemed to somehow become a 9-to-9 routine). So, what have you achieved?


Written by catherineconnors
2900 days ago

This is a wonderful post Lewis with a very powerful message to take time for ourselves, when we take this time to relax and de-stress then creativity has that chance to build again....

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it". ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

Written by lewisevans777
2898 days ago

Many thanks, Catherine. I think we all get too caught up in processes at times, don't we!

Written by nialldevitt
2903 days ago

Lewis, I always love your angles, did anyone every tell you you are a great salesperson, so effective as selling your message - I always want to read on. "Even when you decided to go into business on your own, it wasn’t the plan that inspired you; it was the dream and the vision, driven by your passion. The business plan came afterwards" MAGIC! statement, I love it :)

Written by businessavante
2903 days ago

These are very good lessons that apply to life as much as they apply to business - is your business serving you, or are you its servant?


Written by lewisevans777
2898 days ago

Thanks Duncan!

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