Establishing and managing a community blog is becoming an increasingly important role for all types of businesses, whether it's a tech startup or a major corporate brand.p


Written by ediapercakes
1804 days ago

Some really good tips on there. Having a really good blog design is a big one I think.

Written by elainerogers
1812 days ago

Hi Devesh,

Congratulations on winning the BizSugar Competition in first place, I know you will be absolutely thrilled with your new iPad :)

Huge congrats also to BizSugar, Anita, Heather, Niall and the team for their great work, providing a platform for bloggers, and bringing such great content to our screens.

I am honoured to be involved with the competition, and wish you and the other winners all the best.

Written by HeatherStone
1812 days ago

Congratulations Devesh, on winning First Place in our recent "Rock Your Biz" blogging contest! I'm really glad that our members, new and old, can benefit from such a comprehensive resource as your winning post here.

One of the best things about BizSugar is the value it's members add, not just to the site, but to the small business community. It makes us feel great when we can point to excellent content, such as your winning post, as an example of how we too support and sustain entrepreneurs and small business people around the world.

Again, thanks for participating, and Congrats on your fabulous win!


Heather Stone

Chief Moderator


Written by nialldevitt
1812 days ago

Congratulations Devesh! Great content and comments from the community – we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did here at BizSugar. Thanks to Heather and the team for their great work and the sponsors for providing us with such great prizes.

Written by Gera
1819 days ago

Really good tips Devesh!

The #1 and #2 are crucial invest in your blog - if your blog is for business - treat it as it deserves :)



Written by BlogPreneurs
1818 days ago

Hey Gera,

So glad to see you here, bud. Thanks so much for the nice comment.

Written by benmaxmime
1820 days ago


Written by BlogPreneurs
1819 days ago

Thanks Ben :).

Written by oddblogger
1820 days ago

Good luck, Dev!

Written by BlogPreneurs
1819 days ago

Thanks, bud.

Written by mingjong
1821 days ago

Damn good tips! These will definitely empower my business!

Written by BlogPreneurs
1819 days ago

Thanks for the nice comment, Ming. So glad you liked the tips.

Written by GuideAndNews
1823 days ago

Nice tips Devesh.

Written by BlogPreneurs
1819 days ago

Glad you liked the tips, bud. Thanks for your comment.

Have a great weekend.

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