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Marketing is the bridge between your product or service and your consumers. Here are 7 fundamentals of marketing psychology that you can implement today to help your business succeed.

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Every business professional needs to stay cool under pressure, to be a top performer, and for the sake of their own health. Yet everyone has a melting point – a critical threshold where pressure causes them to respond irrationally. Many people believe their threshold is permanently set by family ge Read More
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Only 10% of Start-ups Succeed!

Only 10% of Start-ups Succeed! Avatar Posted by SPCowan under Startups
From http://www.mibusinessmag.com 24 days ago
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Mi Business Mag guest contributor, Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize, advises how to be amongst the 10% of start-ups that succeed. Read More
Over the last few years, social media has transformed from merely a business add-on, to a necessity.

If you aren’t already using social as part of your lead generation strategy, it’s definitely time to start.

Similarly, if you are using social but don’t seem to be getting anywhere — this post Read More
Smart entrepreneurs and small business owners pay careful attention to important market forces and trends that shape some of the world’s best brands. Here are the five key highlights from the BrandZ 2017 report, containing important branding and marketing lessons for small businesses and startups. Read More
How can you create an effective landing page for your business? Let’s take a look at some content and design best practices so you can put a high-performing landing page to help your new business succeed. Read More

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