BioPharma Engineering has worked with seven of the Top 10 Pharma Companies in Ireland in the area of process engineering and design. In terms of pure capital projects, that’s €120,000,000 (and growing). John O’Reilly talks Pharma in Ireland and how it is a real growth sector. Read More
For those blog owners who want to make sure the content you write never gets claimed as someone else’s work (um everyone?), it’s time to get set up with Google Authorship. Read More
Recently I've started to wonder why some businesses (including ours) even post to Facebook anymore. No matter how many fans or likes you have, it seems as if Facebook is continually making it harder for pages to get into their fans' News Feeds. But why should Facebook wage war against businesses an Read More

Women Entrepreneurs: A Rising Force Of America

Women Entrepreneurs: A Rising Force Of America Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Raising Capital
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By Raj Tulsan

2013 is deemed to be the year of women entrepreneurs. According to a recent survey, 81% of women business owners are positive about the performance of their ventures in the current year. Surprisingly, the businesses owned by women entrepreneurs are considered to be one of the faste Read More
Tips on managing team culture as you become a new manager. This is important for all teams, but can be particularly important for small businesses given the office dynamics. If you get promoted there aren't other divisions to work in, you have to figure out how to manage your existing relationshi Read More

6 Tips to Market Your Business on Google+

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Google+ has become an essential tool for high search ranking and networking because it offers businesses a way to show up in the search results of potential customers by using the power of their networks.

It provides a social base with circles, new communities and video hangouts. How c Read More

LinkedIn for Business (Video) Step-by-Step Tutorial

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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for growing your business, increasing sales and retaining customers. It represents over 200 million professionals from including every Fortune 500 company and major government organization. Here at Socialized Communications we develop online learning modules to help Read More
Above all, a person should really only considering taking out a business loan if doing so is going to have a profoundly positive effect on their life. Interest rates on loans, even the lowest ones – are still relatively high by financial standards. And this means that anything you can definitely af Read More

Small Businesses Embrace Mobile Marketing

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Do you use mobile marketing to reach your target customers? Then you’re in step with the majority of small business owners, according to a new Constant Contact survey. Read More
What are the three major attributes of effective communication skills?

Question: what are the three major principles of effective communication?

Here they are:

In order to be a good communicator:

1. Communicate clearly
2. Communicate rationally
3. Communicate positively

Clearly me Read More

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