Lead Player Review – Makes List Building Easy

You can use LeadPlayer with your computer and your mobile devices and it’s completely compatible with WordPress and providers of autoresponders. This software lets us leave the technology involved in building our lists and other essential tasks for Read More

Real Time Marketing: What's Next

Real Time Marketing: What's Next Avatar Posted by mmangen under Marketing
From http://www.v3im.com 329 days ago
Made Hot by: tiroberts on June 4, 2013 1:56 pm
Real time marketing is changing how companies react online. A recap video from Expion's SxSW panel shows what's ahead, including data and content warfare. Read More
Sooner or later you’re going to want to update your site and chances are that will involve changing your site structure in one way or another. But while you’re working on the usability of your site, the new design and layout, freshening up the content and making sure your messaging ... Read More
A look at who is using popup opt-in forms to build their mailing list, case studies about their effectiveness, and the top WordPress opt-in form plugins. Read More
In my experience, inventors and technologists aren’t interested or aren’t very good at building a business, and entrepreneurs aren’t usually good scientists. These people need to find each other, and can jointly make a great team for a new startup. Without the synergy, companies like Apple might ne Read More

7 Reasons Why I Donot Use Google+ Comment System in My WordPress Blog

7 Reasons Why I Donot Use Google+ Comment System in My WordPress Blog Avatar Posted by shkhanal under Resources
From http://bivori.com 325 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on June 4, 2013 1:12 pm
Is Google+ Comment system more hype than substance? Can you replace CommentLuv comment system with Google+ Comments? Let’s discuss it here! Read More

A Better Way to Start Small Business - Consulting

A Better Way to Start Small Business - Consulting Avatar Posted by AngelBiz under Startups
From http://www.smallbizviewpoints.com 325 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on June 4, 2013 12:52 pm
Starting a business is requires considerable time, effort and money. This article explains why consulting provides low-cost, low-risk entry to business. Read More
I don't spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how the blog will look. This is something that so many bloggers and online business owners are guilty of, and in this post I want to explain why that approach is such a waste of time and can fool you into thinking that you are making progres Read More

Using Images in Your Marketing Strategy

Using Images in Your Marketing Strategy Avatar Posted by HollyHanna under Marketing
From http://www.theworkathomewoman.com 329 days ago
Made Hot by: titanofindustry on June 4, 2013 11:24 am
A picture is worth a thousand words right? When you’re struggling to come up with the perfect product description to make sure everyone really realizes what a must-have it is you might just be able to rely on a great photo. Read More
Are there business blogging lessons to be learned from Jesus, the master teacher? I think so. Read about how he uses a Rabbinical method to educate, and why the words we use matter so much. Read More

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