Let’s face it. Being productive with content creation can be hard. We’ve all been there – a superb idea for a new blog post, free report or guest article pops into your head, and we can’t wait to get started. Read More

The ultimate checklist to craft perfect pitches

The ultimate checklist to craft perfect pitches Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From http://socialmediaslant.com 967 days ago
Made Hot by: bizyolk on March 2, 2015 9:07 am
A few months ago, I came across”The 10 commandments of pitching.”

Written by Austin Cross for Muck Rack, the article is a compendium of bad pitching practices and an attempt at changing the way many brands and PR pros approach members of the media. From generic greetings to wordy subject lines a Read More
Mobile devices have become so engrained into our daily lives that many of us fall asleep with our favorite gadgets next to our beds - or even still in our hands. With always on connectivity and mobile devices within grabbing distance, the most mundane of activities is forever altered: the morning r Read More
In this #TYBCommunity round up we include posts about how to measure the Social ROI on Facebook ads, growing and email list, validating your social media marketing strategy, blog post success, LinkedIn endorsements, the internet of things and lots more. Read More

Native Video Views Skyrocket on Facebook: Marketers Take Note

Native Video Views Skyrocket on Facebook: Marketers Take Note Avatar Posted by mmangen under Marketing
From http://www.thevirtualasst.com 970 days ago
Made Hot by: sophia2 on March 2, 2015 4:55 am
Native video on Facebook has taken off and views are through the roof. Marketers, make sure you’re integrating video into your strategies. Read More

Government Grants for Small Business—Think you Qualify?

Government Grants for Small Business—Think you Qualify? Avatar Posted by Caron_Beesley under Finance
From https://www.sba.gov 970 days ago
Made Hot by: deanuk on March 1, 2015 10:31 pm
Looking for “free money” from the government to start your small business? Then you’ve come to the right place, because I’m here to tell you that – for the most part – there isn’t any.

To explain more, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about small business grants. Read More

25 Best Places to Get Paid WordPress Themes

25 Best Places to Get Paid WordPress Themes Avatar Posted by tuckerleroy under Online Marketing
From http://smallbiztrends.com 969 days ago
Made Hot by: JoshRed on March 1, 2015 10:30 pm
When searching for the best places to get paid WordPress themes online, it quickly becomes clear that the overwhelming popularity of the blogging and site-building solution has spawned an entire theme-building industry of its own. Read More

10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015 Avatar Posted by LoginRadius under Online Marketing
From http://blog.loginradius.com 971 days ago
Made Hot by: fundpr on March 1, 2015 5:30 pm
From SEO to content marketing. Where is digital marketing heading in 2015? Predict here what’s coming in social marketing strategy in 2015. Read More
Choosing the best payment provider is crucial for your online business. That’s the partner thanks to whom you will be able to earn money.

On the market you can find lots of payment providers whose services look similar. But similar doesn’t mean exactly the same. Read More
"Have you ever wondered why some blogs get email addresses pouring into their email database while yours remains stagnant?

It’s frustrating, that’s for sure.

After all, you’re creating all this amazing content, promoting, engaging, building relationships and getting traffic but your email lis Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Devan Perine @devanmarie Is Community Manager at EnMast

Businesses owners are in need of advice. But sometimes they haven't got the budget for the experience they require. … More
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