Why You Should Track Your Website Visitors

Why You Should Track Your Website Visitors Avatar Posted by ledux under Online Marketing
From http://easym6.com 304 days ago
Made Hot by: bloggerpalooza on June 27, 2013 7:04 am
Tracking is everything in marketing, if you aren’t tracking your results you don’t know what to expect. For example, if your blog is just generating 10 visits a day and you aren’t tracking that, you might start wondering why people aren’t commenting on your blog posts, but the thing is that there i Read More

10 Tips For Dealing With Redundancies

10 Tips For Dealing With Redundancies Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Human Resources
From http://tweakyourbiz.com 301 days ago
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By Daniel Nicklin

Although it might not be the most pleasant thing to talk about, there may come a time where redundancy at your firm becomes necessary, and although they’ll never be a nice thing to be involved with, there’s no need for the process to be gruelling.

It’s also important to rem Read More

Tools Don't Change People

Tools Don't Change People Avatar Posted by dabrock under Sales
From http://partnersinexcellenceblog.com 300 days ago
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It's important, tools don't change people, they may improve our efficiency, they may help improve our impact, they amplify our capabilities, they extend our reach, but they don't change people. Read More
While we can't tell you exactly how to succeed, this is something almost as good. Here are some habits successful leaders tend to have. Read More

5 Big Takeaways from Nitrogram’s Instagram Report

5 Big Takeaways from Nitrogram’s Instagram Report Avatar Posted by lonelybiz under Social Media
From https://lonelybrand.com 305 days ago
Made Hot by: advertglobal on June 27, 2013 3:35 am
Instagram has had quite an impact on the retail web. Unfortunately, since it’s still a relatively new network for brands to utilize, a lot of best practices are just discovered through trial and error. Our friends at Nitrogram, though, recently released an extensive white paper dealing with the ins Read More
Feedly's quest to replace and improve on Google Reader before its demise July 1st reached another milestone: a fully functional channel on IFTTT. The integration with IFTTT now allows users to create recipes that automatically combine actions on Feedly with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote and Read More
Salesforce Marketing Cloud recently compiled a report focused on the most and least effective advertising options that Facebook offers marketers. The report itself measured ad spend made via Social.com across more than one million different Facebook ads placed and over 114 billion impressions. It’s Read More
How good is your customer service? You might think it’s great, but what if your customers think differently? Some customers will complain about bad service, but others will just suffer quietly (and take their business elsewhere). You’ll never know how most of your customers feel about your service Read More
Find links on mostly free ways to use Facebook to market your small business. Click the Filter tab to sort links by subtopic. For example, click b2b to see only links on how to use Facebook pages for b2b marketing. Read More
How do you explain to your boss the time necessary to build your community? How do you say I need to do this for months, if not a year, before anything remotely worthwhile will start to happen? Read More

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