A Remarkable Guide To Innovation [Book Review]

A Remarkable Guide To Innovation [Book Review] Avatar Posted by ynvent under Strategy
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Business Book Review: Innovation is no longer just about scheduling brainstorming sessions and believing you can turn on and off the flow of your creative juices. Kaye shares personal experience and other businesses’s failures and success on things form chocolate to water filters to pet food to bar Read More

How To Write A Blog Post That Pays

How To Write A Blog Post That Pays Avatar Posted by babanature under Resources
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Writing and getting paid in the process is the most loveliest and most interesting job I have ever done since I started my online journey . Seriously, it feels great writing and seeing great results in the process, like; thousands … Continue reading → Read More
We’ve all been there: days when you just don’t want to work.So start now with these 10 actionable tips for staying motivated as a freelance writer. Read More
Risk management is often the overlooked part of strategy, particularly for smaller companies who focus on growth but do not consider the effect of “worse case” scenarios such as the loss of their largest client, product liability, or just plain bad decisions. Read More
A free guide to social media from Sage for those that are starting out or are already using social media for their business, but still have lots of questions. Read More

5 Hiring Tips from a Troublemaking Employee

5 Hiring Tips from a Troublemaking Employee Avatar Posted by dhennessy under Human Resources
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Many small business owners struggling with bad employee behavior. Small business expert Ellen Rohr shares five tips for transforming a troublemaker into a superstar. Read More
To make social media a beneficial component of your marketing mix, it is important to layout a detailed plan that will serve as your guide. A well thought out plan will save you time and effort in the long run. I’ve added my own ideas (in ital) to a recent post from Mashable that describes some ste Read More
Too often, businesses create their website as if it’s an online advert, only designed to drum up business. In reality, a website can be much more than a marketing tool, it can help you run your business more efficiently, and help you save money. Find out how to use your website to its full potentia Read More

Profit from Sustainability

Profit from Sustainability Avatar Posted by Debra Kaye under Management
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There are different meanings for the concept of sustainable growth. In one sense, it is synonymous with sustainable development; in other words, it is a pattern of economic growth in which resources are not depleted and the environment is preserved to meet the needs of not only the present, but the Read More
Tips on how do you select the candidates to call for an interview after you have received hundreds of resumes for job you advertised. Read More

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