Why Your Company Should Be Using Responsive Design

Why Your Company Should Be Using Responsive Design Avatar Posted by tuckerleroy under Technology
From http://smallbiztrends.com 927 days ago
Made Hot by: businessgross on August 13, 2014 11:36 am
Is your website or e-commerce site using responsive design? If not, now’s the time to make a change. An increasing amount of Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Read More

10 Strategies to Help You Stand Out Online [Infographic]

10 Strategies to Help You Stand Out Online [Infographic] Avatar Posted by rradice under Social Media
From http://rebekahradice.com 927 days ago
Made Hot by: SimplySmallBiz on August 13, 2014 11:30 am
Can your audience separate you from the competition? When you post content to your blog or social networks, are you easily identifiable? In order to stand out online, you must create a memorable brand. 10 tips to help you shine online. Read More
Pinterest has announced that they are expanding Send Pin to include more advanced messaging and pinning, and the State of Collaboration has just taken a step forward. Read More

Attention: Virality needed!

Attention: Virality needed! Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From http://socialmediaslant.com 927 days ago
Made Hot by: luvhealthcare on August 13, 2014 9:54 am
The other day, as I was admiring an old building in Toulouse, my home town, I caught a conversation between two passersby.

“Did you see this video that got 2 million views in two days?” Read More

Writing copy back asswards

Writing copy back asswards Avatar Posted by ScottDudley under Direct Marketing
From http://doneforyouemails.com 927 days ago
Made Hot by: MasterMinuteman on August 13, 2014 1:04 am
It's so easy to get this wrong... When writing advertisements or emails, the first thing some copywriters think about is the product. Read More
Social design is about much more than the graphics and images you share on social networks. It's part of the entire package that is your brand identity. Consistency is crucial and key. Read More
So you are trying to build your list with different social media sites, but as you can’t post the same link over and over again you are somehow limited in what you can do. The good news is, there is another way to boost a list with Twitter.

Maybe you have heard of Twitter’s lead generation cards Read More

Avoiding HR Headaches: Find the Right Person for the Job

Avoiding HR Headaches: Find the Right Person for the Job Avatar Posted by GetApp under Human Resources
From http://www.getapp.com 930 days ago
Made Hot by: businessgross on August 12, 2014 6:04 pm
Using applicant tracking software helps make the recruitment process quicker and easier. And not only that, it allows you to spend more time doing the actual sourcing and hiring and less time wasted on managing the administrative process Read More
In this video, you will discover:

How to use offline tools such as radio, tv, newspapers and magazines to get your message out there
How using media can increase your visibility and credibility instantaneously
Why writing for anyone who will have you is worth the time and effort – Read More
It’s back-to-school time—and for retailers, that means stiff competition for parents’ and students’ dollars. This year, however, digital sales and marketing are having a bigger effect on back-to-school shopping than ever before. What does that mean to your ecommerce site and your marketing?
Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Chris Farmer @CorporateCoachG Trains Your Team

If you feel your management style is lacking, Chris Farmer has some ideas for that. Ironically, it was another … More
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