What to do When Clients Call

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Now that your self-marketing is out there and your business is up, your getting calls. Lane Sennett is here to help you answer the phone. Read More
Social media for business offers great tools for business owners to market their services and interact with their customers. The platform offers better ways to market businesses than traditional marketing methods. Read More

The importance of perseverance to a business owner

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Owning a business can be challenging. But when you're down and out, you have to trudge on. In this article, Brad Farris writes about the peaks and valleys in his life. Read More
I'm still a bit shocked by what greeted me this morning on Facebook when I tried to send a message to a new 'Facebook friend'.

I'd connected with someone on Twitter yesterday who is doing similar things, and runs similar Facebook page to one of mine, so I sent a friend request this morning.
I a Read More
Where did this pervasive sense of entitlement in our business culture come from? I’ve written about this before, but I was surprised again recently at a conference for startups when a couple of entrepreneurs started berating investors for their low rate of funding for early-stage startups. It sound Read More
An infographic rundown of social media options for small businesses, including guest blogging, increased opportunities for developing strategic partnerships and recruiting employees. Read More
I was chatting with a client recently about new products that she wanted to launch. She was so pumped about what the products could do for her clients. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I was actually happy for her. Until I started thinking - how is she going to make any money? Read More
Of late, there is a lot of discussion surrounding Google Plus and the way it’s useful for business promotion especially for smaller business ventures. The fact is, since its inception, Google Plus has been a beneficial place for business promotion, much better than Facebook and other social media s Read More

Determining Social Guidelines for Brand Employees

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Social networks are undeniably a big part of our lives, but what is shared on them can cause problems for brands and employees alike. Do you have a policy regarding your employees or coworkers’ social media use and what they can and can’t mention? On one hand, having employees well acquainted with Read More

Grab eyeballs with an infographic

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Chances are, you’ve seen an infographic, even if you didn’t know what it was called. They’re all the rage for taking a complex idea and transforming it into an eye-pleasing visual.

I’m sharing three ways that you can use infographics to cut through the clutter and seduce your prospects Read More

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Growing a business, especially online, requires you to wear many hats. If you focus on all the little things, you can … More
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