The return on a share study commissioned by ShareThis confirms the conventional wisdom and calculates the monetary value of different form of recommendations using scientific methodology. The study shows clearly that online recommendations trump brands and price when consumers make decisions and th Read More
When it comes to customer service, you might want to consider outsourcing to a company who is happy to take care of everything at a fraction of the price. Read More

The many dangers of NoFollow

The many dangers of NoFollow Avatar Posted by amabaie under Online Marketing
From 1052 days ago
Made Hot by: OpenSourceMedia on May 8, 2014 12:34 am
3000-word thought leadership article on everything you wanted to know about NoFollow and why you really don't want to know anything about NoFollow. Read More
LinkedIn is on the ropes. People who use it incorrectly are about to knock it down for the count. Are you one of the offenders? Read here and find out! Read More
By Donncha Hughes

YellowSchedule is a cloud based appointment management and customer relationship management (CRM) for mental health professionals. The company was co-founded by brother and sister duo Martina and Michael Skelly in 2011, for this #TYBSpotlight, I interviewed Martina to find out Read More
Niche social media tools allow companies to stop paying for more than what they need and adopt over the vision and execution of their ideas. Here's an infographic from sociallystacked offering some of the DIY alternatives for businesses searching for replacements for Wildfire and north Social. Read More

How Monopoly Predicts Entrepreneur Empathy

How Monopoly Predicts Entrepreneur Empathy Avatar Posted by UPmarketArt under Management
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Made Hot by: sundaydriver on May 7, 2014 11:47 pm
In the depths of the Great Depression Charles Darrow became a millionaire, after inventing the classic boardgame Monopoly.

He consistently claimed credit for Monopoly--- even though he likely plagiarized most of it.

Ironically, the game was later used in a study that concludes people who bec Read More
Gone are the days when children used to crave to spend a lot of time outdoors to play with their friends. All they, and also young adults, want now-a-days is to go online. For them, the internet has turned into a place to connect with each other and also to play games there. Read More

7 Keys to Establishing Your Authority as a Blogger

7 Keys to Establishing Your Authority as a Blogger Avatar Posted by marcandre under Online Marketing
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Made Hot by: Webdev1 on May 7, 2014 11:26 pm
One of the essential elements to blogging success that I’m sure you’ve heard or read about countless times is the need to establish your reputation in your niche or industry, and to become recognized as an authority. This post covers the steps you can take to build that reputation and authority. Read More
As I mentioned in Stand Tall, Creative Giants, one of the characteristics of Creative Giants is that they always up the ante on their own success. No matter what they do, there’s always some level of success higher than what they’ve reached that disappoints them. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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Hesham Zebida: Working at "Working Together"

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