Farrier School Adopts 21st Century Marketing to Succeed

Farrier School Adopts 21st Century Marketing to Succeed Avatar Posted by Heathervanw under Marketing
From http://careerfuel.net 459 days ago
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Ty Kester took over his grandfather's business at the age of 25. Updating the school's practices and presence was a priority,-- establishing a strong web presence was the key to success. Read More
Do you know what the bounce rate is on your blog? Do you keep tabs of those types of statistics? Do you even know what bounce rate means? Read More

Cost of Living Varies Widely Around the World [Infographic]

Cost of Living Varies Widely Around the World [Infographic] Avatar Posted by ryandonegan under Global
From http://mthink.mercer.com 457 days ago
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Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey provides an intriguing look at how the cost of common items — such as a cup of coffee or a cinema ticket — varies dramatically in cities around the world. The survey measures the comparative cost of more than 200 items. Read More
While social networks can be great places to engage customers, many brands still haven't found their footing on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Producing meaningful content that customers want to share poses a perennial problem. What's more, the social networks aren't waiting for any brand to catc Read More
There’s something magical that happens when your company commits to the decision to launch a customer community. The conversations that happen there can be transformational for your business, as well as for your customers and prospects. Read More
Let’s say you hire a salesman for your business. Upon hiring him you provide training, give him all the tools he will need, and then send him forth to do his job. However, you know it’s not a one time thing. You know that for him, and ultimately your business to be successful, he will need ongoing Read More
Brickflow is a new hashtag-based visual storytelling platform for bloggers and journalists interested in creating curated social media slideshows quickly and effortlessly. Read More
By Karol K

This may come of as a surprise, but I’m NOT about to discuss using Excel for budgeting, estimating rates or any other stuff related to your finances as a freelancer. I think that you’ve got that part pretty figured out. In the end, this is what Excel is mostly used for … to help peopl Read More

10 Ways To Prevent Online Content Theft

10 Ways To Prevent Online Content Theft Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Online Marketing
From http://tweakyourbiz.com 457 days ago
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By Adam Connell

Online content theft is a huge problem for most business owners. Content thieves steal your hard work or the product that you paid for. It also damages your credibility when visitors see your content on another site; they have no way of knowing whether your site or the thief’s si Read More
Millions of web-masters rely on search engine traffic from the big G (Google), but if your traffic has been ripped from you after the latest algorithm, you are probably cursing Google right now. Let me add an important tip here. Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

Mike Allton @mike_allton Wears Many Hats in Business

It's often said that small business people wear a lot of hats. To BizSugar members, the hat most associated with small … More
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