Anatomy Of Content Writing

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The goal is to keep potential customers longer on your site, build a trust factor in their mind and eventually make them your loyal customer. How? Blogging, infographic, videos, whitepapers that is quality content is a part of the answer and strategic marketing of this content is the other half. In Read More

How To Blog In The Midst Of Havoc?

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Are you an expert to keep blogging when your life goes havoc? I didn’t do great this past week because of it. So how to blog in the mist of havoc? This is the question. Read More
Believe it or not, a short interview with an NFL star can teach you a valuable lesson about the content you publish on the web. Read More

Four Key Business Technology Trends For 2014

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Rose Haywood, tech copywriter and marketing consultant, takes us through four business trends that are set to grow in 2014 and how this will affect businesses and consumers. Read More
Email marketing is only as good as the effort you put into it. Here are tips to improve your return on investment with email. Read More

Pay For Performance

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As is usual this time of year, I've been involved in lots of discussions of incentive and commission plans--both last quarter as people plan for the new year, Read More
So your site has a blog right?

You’ve seemingly been doing everything that you should. You’ve read like hundreds of guides and you’re subscribed to newsletters giving out weekly tips.

Most importantly you produce regular content, but you’re not happy with your results so what gives?

The pr Read More
In Part 1 of our series on finding your blogging voice, Jayme Soulati teaches us how to identify someone else's voice and our own. Read More
You are losing a third of your life and the economy a trillion dollar every year because of this one evil- distraction. It’s time to combat it and learn the zen art of focus. It’s time to take the steps told in the following Infographics and help yourself to get out of the rut of distraction. Read More
Are you managing a Facebook business page? Do you need a little bit of inspiration for the year ahead? Or maybe just a nudge in the right direction? For those Facebook page managers who want to run one contest for each month this year, here are 12 Facebook contest ideas that are sure to wet your ap Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Ryan Donegan @ryanpdonegan Rocks Digital Marketing Possibilities

From the beginning of his career creating marketing for local station WBRZ-TV in his native South Louisiana, Ryan … More
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