What to do when things aren't working at your startup

What to do when things aren't working at your startup Avatar Posted by tcamba under Startups
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I've been there. You come in day after day, work long and hard hours pushing that rock up a hill, only to see it roll back down again overnight. Traffic isn't moving. Sales aren't closing. Investors aren't biting. Read More
Businesses now have the opportunity to communicate directly with their clients online – through social channels, blogs, email, etc. The strategies that the successful ones are implementing involve transparency and authenticity.

To me, this is what Jay is all about. He helps businesses succeed bu Read More

10 Social Media Coaching facts Hotels need to know

10 Social Media Coaching facts Hotels need to know Avatar Posted by AreMorch under Social Media
From http://aremorch.com 1020 days ago
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Social Media Coaching explained Social Media is a tool that will help Hotels bringing the experience to customers in new ways. Direct Sales is a major Read More
Social media, mobile shopping, and mobile coupons are all engaging customers in record numbers. This infographic outlines the statistics. Read More
As website owners and business owners, our livelihoods are tied directly our websites traffic.

The unfortunate reality is that a Google is still responsible for referring a significant portion of traffic to a huge number of websites.

The fallout can be huge.

And when that traffic disappear Read More

10 Things You Need To Do After Forming An LLC

10 Things You Need To Do After Forming An LLC Avatar Posted by airabongco under Startups
From http://smallbiztrends.com 1019 days ago
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Planning to form an LLC corporation? Here are 10 things that you need to have before you apply. From permits to others, you need all these if you want your LLC company to finally come alive. Read More
Social Media platforms are invitations to come visit you on your blog. But how do you get more people to come ? This post contains 7 ways to drive more traffic.
Read More
Give your lead generation efforts a boost using these creative but very effective ways of attracting high quality targeted traffic that converts. Read More
Entrepreneurs who require funding for their startup have long counted on self-accredited high net worth individuals (“angels”) to fill their needs, after friends and family, and before they qualify for institutional investments (“VCs”). New crowd funding platforms on the Internet, like Kickstarter Read More
When it comes to social media community management, there is no room for your personal opinions -- and McDonald's is the latest brand to experience that. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

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