Here is my step-by-step guide to creating an effective teaser video. This is not the only way to do it, and there are no hard and fast rules. But this is a good blueprint that you can run with. Read More

Technical Product Elegance is Not a Business Model

Technical Product Elegance is Not a Business Model Avatar Posted by martinzwilling under Startups
From 447 days ago
Made Hot by: SJC on August 9, 2013 6:47 am
Many entrepreneurs work hard on the proof of concept (technical), but skip any proof of the business model (revenue flow). In other words, once they are convinced that the product works, they assume their price, sales channel, and marketing will bring in the customers. These days, the technical sid Read More
By Mike LaLonde

The web stratosphere revolves around search engines. A large part of utilizing the web to grow a successful business, online or off, is driving profitable traffic through search engines. With over 94% of Internet users using search engines to find what they’re looking for, havi Read More
OK, so you’ve got the awesome content on your blog, how do you make sure it gets seen by more people so you can expand your audience? Check out these 9 tips to dramatically increase the amount of exposure your blog posts get. Read More

Graphic: You Control Your Success

Graphic: You Control Your Success Avatar Posted by blondishnet under Social Media
From 449 days ago
Made Hot by: SimplySmallBiz on August 9, 2013 4:45 am
I find that people forget that they are the ones that control their success. Lately, I have seen quite a few people that blog, social media consult, or have some business online that they are not happy with. Often, they blame it on one thing or another.
However, you control your success. (Graphic Read More
When I devoured Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human, in February on vacation in Puerto Rico I tweeted that I was buying it for all my clients! Firstly because it was a great book, secondly it articulated the new rules of sales and finally it supported my playbook. Read More

Friday Infographic RoundUp: Some Good Ones eh!

Friday Infographic RoundUp: Some Good Ones eh! Avatar Posted by JVRudnick under Online Marketing
From 449 days ago
Made Hot by: HomeBusinessMedia on August 9, 2013 3:38 am
Ah…Friday again and yes, I’m talking about my weekly Friday roundup of infographics from around the web and we’ve got a stellar trio for you today!

First up, is a great one entitled “Sensible Social Media Checklist” from the folks over at and it’s a very sensible list inde Read More

Applying Blackjack Rules To Solopreneurship

Applying Blackjack Rules To Solopreneurship Avatar Posted by Larry J Keltto under Strategy
From 450 days ago
Made Hot by: maestro68 on August 9, 2013 3:26 am
I tripled my money Saturday night at the blackjack table. Can the rules of winning at blackjack be used as lessons to succeed as a solopreneur? Read More

Epic Comment vs Great Article

Epic Comment vs Great Article Avatar Posted by viralwriter under Online Marketing
From 449 days ago
Made Hot by: BusinessBloggerPro on August 9, 2013 2:53 am
Epic comment and a short which one of them is better? can which one can command visitors to your blog? I Would love to hear your opinion about this. Read More
There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing the social media platform that is right for your brand or company profile. First off, you have to decide on the resources you’re willing to allocate every day, week, and month to maintaining the account. A state social media profile can someti Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

Say Hello To Ileane Smith: Contributor of The Week!

Woo-hoo! Meet our latest "Contributor of the Week," Ileane Smith. Ileane started her small business adventure … More
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