If you master content marketing, you won't need to cross your fingers and hope that you're lucky enough to build a successful business. Read More
As time goes by, what is really working in terms of marketing methods is becoming dramatically clear. Obviously, promoting your business on Social Media and using Content Marketing are powerful pieces that marketers are using to gain traction and grow their online businesses; they are still hot tre Read More

Who’s Picking Up the Tab?

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When a business passes to new ownership, debt is part of the purchase price. Succeeding generations are angry about the debt and entitlement burdens that they are inheriting from the Boomers. They will have to choose between taxing themselves or reducing their obligations to Boomers. Read More

55 Inspirational Quotes for Leaders (Quotable Images)

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If you’re a business person, entrepreneur or manager, you have to learn how to lead people in your company. If you’re a marketer, you have to be a thought leader to influence customers to make a good buying decision. Read More

Seven Skills of Management

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The future of your organisation is, to some degree, dependent on your managers.
All managers need to have the following seven management skills.
1. Goal focus.
2. Clear communication.
3. Decision making.
4. Planning ahead.
5. Action orientation.
6. The ability to learn from temporary defea Read More
Learn more about Jelly, an iOS and Android app that enables users to get real-time information by gathering public opinion and answers for their pictures. Read More
By James W

Struggling with your content marketing strategy? Not sure how to take it to the next level? Afraid it’s never going to generate the right results?

Don’t panic! Giving your content strategy a boost is as easy as following these 4 tips: Read More
Is your website banned from Google Adsense or your website was not approved by Google Adsense? Are you looking for some great alternatives for Google Adsense so as to get great revenue through your website? Then here we have compiled some of the best Google Adsense alternatives in 2014. Most of the Read More
This article discusses how Justretweet can retweet your post to more than 100,000 Twitter Followers. It also showed some strategies on how to get thousands of Justretweet credits for free. Read More
Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position. In reality, getting there is not a random walk, and requires an understanding of the stages that every business must navigate and the organizational characteristics necessary at each stage. Read More

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