The above title is not created to mislead you … I truly believe that trying to make money blogging is the biggest waste of time.

And time is a precious thing that you can’t really afford to waste.

If you want to make money online then blogging is the LAST thing you should Read More
I may be a bit old-fashioned, but I have always looked at a business first for its potential ability to be self-sustaining, and provide reasonable profits to feed my family, my lifestyle, and my retirement. Then secondly, I look for it to be a business I can enjoy, with the potential to change the Read More
World Wide Web is full of success stories where someone started off from a garage (e.g. Apple) or a dorm room (e.g. Facebook) and went on to become a huge success.

Let's see "Five Reasons Your Home Can Serve as the Perfect Place to Work". Read More
I thought it was going to be the next big app. I was wrong. Should have picked Snapchat (which I didn’t see coming because I personally don’t need it very much). Read More
It may surprise many to hear him say it, but Richard Branson insists an entrepreneurs first venture is often extraordinary by nature. After all, the first time an entrepreneur decides to take the plunge and create something from nothing, they are engaging in a very extraordinary thing, he says. Bra Read More

Work From Home Facts Most People Tend to Ignore

Work From Home Facts Most People Tend to Ignore Avatar Posted by chrisadmin12 under Startups
From 305 days ago
Made Hot by: kingofcontent92 on May 28, 2014 7:30 am
Working from home is nowhere near as easy as some people seem to think. Distractions, little chores, TV - you name it! People seem to forget that running a home business is actually longer hours than a nine to five job. This article covers a few useful work from home facts that you really should re Read More

Why Your Startup Idea is Better Than Google

Why Your Startup Idea is Better Than Google Avatar Posted by jamiesmallwood under Startups
From 305 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on May 28, 2014 1:39 am
Ideas are precious. They are an example of our creativity. Here's why yours are probably brilliant, and how to find out. Read More
My name is John Accardi. I’m 25 years old, I live in Washington, DC and 3 months ago, I dropped out of the Neuroscience PhD program at Georgetown University to start 2 online businesses: and

Here is my story. Read More
List of tips and strategies entrepreneurs and business owners can use to effectively compete against competition. Read More

Shortcut success tips for entrepreneur

Shortcut success tips for entrepreneur  Avatar Posted by shuvro777 under Startups
From 307 days ago
Made Hot by: kingofcontent92 on May 27, 2014 12:10 am
Shortcut way success are not very easy for entrepreneur. But I believe if we properly utilize our own knowledge, skill and ability, In this way we can easily achieve our goal. Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

Jonny Ross @jrconsultancy Helps Businesses Be Seen

Improved visibility seems to be a theme in Jonny Ross's evolving career. First, he ran businesses that helped others … More
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