So many companies keep repeating the same marketing mistakes trying to cut corners, it's time to purge harmful online marketing habits, starting now.

Your company’s marketing output is key to its reputation. Utilized well, it can elevate your brand, boost revenue and maximize your online presenc Read More
Organic traffic is traffic or a webpage visitor that used a search engine to search for a particular topic and your webpage showed up in the results.

If organic traffic is better than non-organic traffic, then how do you get Google to notice your website?
How do I get Organic traffic to my sit Read More
Lots of bloggers decide to arrange giveaways or competitions for their readers. That can sometimes involve providing a prize that you send out to people who submit their details and enter the competition. It’s possible to boost traffic immensely using that technique without investing a fortune. Read More
Third Angle takes the mystery out of business branding and opens your eyes to how to delight your audience with consistency, loyalty, and flexibility.

Read More
Content Marketing is a vital component of visibility — also driving revenue, customer retention, and brand affinity — when it performs as intended.

So, speaking of intentions, how do you:

- Conjure up relevant, appealing content ideas that hold the potential to go viral?
- Ensure all pieces Read More
This post offers you a monetization plan that focuses on brand strategy.
Follow this 5-step brand strategy to boost your online income.
The plan takes you from website awareness to monetizing your products and services.

Read More
I never realized just how important it was to connect content with business goals until I had a particular conversation with a client.

The client, excited to get started on blog content together, had a running list of topics for me to cover.

But then something strange happened. Read More

Time for a Breakthrough Novelty

Time for a Breakthrough Novelty  - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Online Marketing
From 44 days ago
Made Hot by: MarketWiz on August 17, 2018 10:02 am
Instead of winning a breakthrough novel award, or jumping on (and off) the list with an one-hit wonder, I will publish eight (8) books on tea, over the years to come. I am already planning for the next book on specialty black teas and black tea blends. These books will become novelties and gifts fo Read More
How are you building community around your ecommerce business? The best and most profitable ecommerce brands in operation today know this to be true: it’s not about getting the sale—it’s about serving the customer.

It’s not about growth hacks, advertising optimization tactics, or pricing strate Read More
If you want to rank well in organic search, you need links.

Google has told us as much, revealing that links are one of the top 3 ranking factors. Read More

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