Today we analyze the latest research on Millennials and their changing social media habits — and what it means for your own social media strategy. Read More
As most marketers know, there is an unbelievable amount of potential in the realm of content marketing. It's perhaps one of the most advantageous marketing strategies brought forth by the digital era. This is due to the fact that, if done correctly, it can work like magic to bridge the gap between Read More
If you’re looking to content marketing to sell your product or service, here’s why you might want to rethink your expectations. Read More
Sure, creating quality content is one of the fundamental pillars of a strong website. However, after this content is created, it doesn't stand a chance to get read if you don't promote it. Content promotion is key and influencer outreach is a proven tactic that works.
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It’s the dream of every blogger to write a post that gets picked up by social media and goes around the Internet like a fast-moving fire. We see these viral topics all the time. It might be a video of a baby laughing or an article about a mom creating storybook photos.

Trying to break the code Read More

How to Breathe Life into Your Stale Content

How to Breathe Life into Your Stale Content Avatar Posted by smpayton under Online Marketing
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Your blog shouldn’t look like a dump where the top posts are relevant to the times and going down reveals the remains of old ones. Update seasonal posts to cover new details. Maintain a content planning calendar and revive the top posts from past years. Write a follow-up to a previous post with pro Read More
Thinking about investing in SEO but not sure if you should?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is one of those things that is simple in concept but difficult in practice. SEO also means lots of things to different people Read More
Though not always a vital inclusion in the digital strategy of an organisation, e-marketing campaigns can work wonders for brand exposure and driving referral traffic to your website. In many cases, businesses will mainly promote products or offers in order to drive more sales in less busy periods. Read More
Before you go out and hire a designer to create your website, learn what parts are involved in the process of creating a website and what potential traps to avoid. Making this common mistake can lead to problems down the road for your business. Read More
Here are 14 things you should do before you publish your blog post, plus a FREE printable checklist you can download for when you write your next post. Read More

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