What My Daughter Can Teach You About Marketing

What My Daughter Can Teach You About Marketing Avatar Posted by adukes81 under Online Marketing
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In this blog post, I share with you what my daughter can teach you about marketing. A strange title, but you'll see how you can apply this to your business.
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How to Become Your Industry Expert

How to Become Your Industry Expert  Avatar Posted by Julie Weishaar under Online Marketing
From http://blog.newhorizons123.com 87 days ago
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You don’t have to be the originator or all the content you provide to your target market. YES original content is important so you should definitely provide as much original content as you can. However, there are many other ways to help establish yourself as your industry expert. How? Read More
If you could pick three questions that would help you improve your marketing, what would they be? Start with these questions. Read More

6 Mistakes On Your Small Business Website

6 Mistakes On Your Small Business Website Avatar Posted by terry_culkin under Online Marketing
From http://www.terryculkin.com 87 days ago
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Is your website marketing your small business? Reviewing many websites I have found 6 missing elements that hurt business. Read More
In Episode 112 of the Content Marketing Podcast, we talk about why it's critical to keep your content marketing going when times are tough and budgets are tight — and we share some strategies to help get you through those market downturns. Read More
Affiliate marketing program's success is dependent on everyone's involvement/participation:

* Affiliates are responsible for driving targeted traffic;
* Merchants are supposed to provide an environment within which this targeted traffic, actually, converts into the qualifying actions;
* Affili Read More

What to Do After Launching Your Website

What to Do After Launching Your Website Avatar Posted by amabaie under Online Marketing
From http://www.business.com 87 days ago
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Chances are good that when your site first launches it will not be in the top four or even the top 10 organic search results. That’s completely okay; you’ve got time to build a robust thought leadership campaign and optimize your site’s content for higher organic rankings. But this won’t happen ove Read More
Pebble launched its Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign one week ago today. The campaign reached a million dollars in less than 20 minutes, and continued to raise money at an alarming rate for a week straight.

Following this morning’s announcement of the Pebble Time Steel, The Verge reports that th Read More
The very best content marketers think outside the box -- and they do it in a big way. Here's why that's so important.
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Disappointed with your opening rate? Here are 5 reasons why your readers are not opening your e-mails Read More

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