These people had managed to lead me down their sales funnel and without my independent research, who knows what I would have done. Over the years, I’ve gone back to this incident again and again thinking about why this and other phishing emails are effective and what I, as a marketer could learn.
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If your company sells software or other technical products, chances are you spend at least part of your time creating content for non-technical audiences. In Episode 172 of the Content Marketing Podcast, we’ve got five sure-fire strategies for turning those non-techies into lifelong fans. Read More
Quora is actually a great forum to help you indirectly promote your site. There are a lot of people on their with different queries as it relates to any form of marketing, and you can actually plug-in your own brand with a link. Read More
If you are blogging, building an email list is as basic as breathing. Not everyone will be able to build a huge email list that makes money. You may never know what list building mistakes you are making while growing your email list. Building and growing an email list takes a lot of time and money. Read More

In A Dull Industry? How Content Marketing Can Still Work

In A Dull Industry? How Content Marketing Can Still Work Avatar Posted by yeahlocal under Online Marketing
From 87 days ago
Made Hot by: thelastword on April 30, 2016 10:50 pm
Regardless of whether you sell leaf blowers online or provide financial planning advice to retirees, your industry is NOT as boring as you think it is.

One of the reasons you may be feeling like this is because you have been in it, AND at it for such a long time that you may feel like you are ru Read More
The growth of the eCommerce segment is not good news for individual eCommerce outlets. Growth translates to competition, which makes it difficult for them to find customers. Read More
Read this post to become a better networker. 5 tips on how to prepare, how to act & how to follow up.
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How to Screen -Share from Your iPhone on

Avatar Posted by Ileane under Online Marketing
From 90 days ago
Made Hot by: deanuk on April 29, 2016 7:00 pm keeps building out their feature set and the latest addition is the screen sharing option. In this video I show how to share your screen but I also show how you can use this utility to do tutorials from your iPhone.

You can also use the dropins to watch YouTube videos and other multi-me Read More
Here's a terrific infographic from our friends at Salesforce on why your sales team would be well advised to get with the content marketing program. Read More
Getting success in digital marketing depends on content quality. Businesses have rightly put content creation in their priority lists. Some have even made their entire marketing strategy centering around it. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Join Our Google Hangout Explaining Brother CreativeCenter Thursday Feb. 21

Imagine being able to click onto a Website to design business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials for your … More
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