5 Important Tips for Value Based Selling

5 Important Tips for Value Based Selling Avatar Posted by bitterbusiness under Sales
From http://blog.connectorsmarketplace.com 7 days ago
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Value-Based Selling is the process of understanding and reinforcing the reasons why your product or service is of value to the buyer. It’s an unfortunate fact that many of today’s B2B sales people are still far more comfortable talking about their products than they are discussing business issues. Read More
Here's a terrific infographic from our friends at Salesforce on why your sales team would be well advised to get with the content marketing program. Read More
Getting success in digital marketing depends on content quality. Businesses have rightly put content creation in their priority lists. Some have even made their entire marketing strategy centering around it. Read More

8 Daily Habits For B2B Internet Marketing Success

8 Daily Habits For B2B Internet Marketing Success Avatar Posted by ronsela under Social Media
From http://www.ronsela.com 5 days ago
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Every B2B marketer would love to hit a homerun with every piece that they write. They would love for every marketing campaign that they are behind to be a rousing success. Is this likely to happen for anybody? Probably not. There are too many variables to ensure that every effort is a success. Read More
Quite new to the content marketing scene? Here’s the beginner’s guide to landing pages that convert. Read More

5 Common B2B Lead Generation Myths Debunked

5 Common B2B Lead Generation Myths Debunked Avatar Posted by pdebraux under Sales
From http://pureb2b.com 5 days ago
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Don't make the mistake of believing the common myths about lead generation.
We've listed the top 5 and provided some insight so you can avoid making bad business decisions. Read More
Content is a critical piece of any solid digital marketing strategy. Whether it be content for links, traffic, conversions, education, search, or any number of things.

Sometimes, it’s a little challenging to find new content ideas, especially when you first write articles on a new topic.

How Read More
More and more people are now using adblocking software, so why aren't brands working harder on their creative strategy to attract targeted customers? Read More
Why companies need a cross-functional social media team. When customers need help, they expect companies to offer it quickly and through multiple social media channels — but most companies aren’t set up to do that. Some companies increase their social media staff to offer live responses during big Read More
Discounts, bargains, freebies -- these all cut into your bottom line. Click to learn how to deal with customers who're always looking for a deal. Read More

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