Empowerment Requires Encouragement

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Sometimes employee decision-making doesn't turn out the way we'd like. What should you do so that you're not stuck in farming micromanagement? Employees need guidelines. There should be a clear delineation of the limits to decision-making without prior approval. Read More
In the last few years, email got the bad rep of office productive killer. But it's in fact a powerful communication tool, if we know when and how to use it. These are some best practices for improving how your team uses email. Read More
I’m going to let you in on a little secret this week. Make that a big secret. A big ol’ timesaving, money-making secret – the secret to how a business-grade virtual assistant can save you 15 hours a week (and boost your earnings more than $1,500 weekly!). Read More
It is important to manage your stress.

But how?

There are three major ways to manage stress.
1. Manage the objective situation that is the cause of stress.
2. Manage your emotional reaction to the situation.
3. Manage your stress habits; meaning, your use or misuse, of food, alcohol, drugs Read More

Copy Steve Jobs And Just Say ‘No’

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By Megan Totka

Spring is almost here. It’s a season of renewal and revival. Around the house we do our “spring cleaning.” In the garden we prune plants after months of cold weather so they can put out strong fresh growth. Is it time to prune your business? Do you need to simplify operations, con Read More
We are very excited that Season 2 of CNBC's ‘The Profit’, starring Marcus Lemonis is underway, and we just couldn't get enough of it. So we decided to go back and review all the past episodes from Season 1 to see what valuable business lessons Marcus teaches us.

In this post, we share 7 business Read More

Women: Want Equal Pay? Be a Man

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Sweden is considered as one of the most progressive and gender-equal countries in the world. But still, equal pay is still a major issue.

“It’s sad that Sweden is considered to be a global example of equal pay, given how far we have left to go. Therefore we want to do something on a global scale Read More

5 Ways I Eliminate Potential Clients

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I am not the most experienced person out there, but I have enough experience to have learned to watch out for particular warning signs from those that are reaching out to me for work.
Sadly, I learned these warning signs from dealing with difficult clients. So, I want to share some tips t Read More

How to Build a Business That Can Flourish Without You

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Whether to spend time on other endeavors or simply to maximize growth, building a company that can flourish without you is a fundamental business practice. Read More

When Should You Ask for a Favor? [podcast]

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Most of us have been in a situation where someone has asked for a favor before the social capital to make that kind of request. If you want to amass financial capital, you have to invest and grow your assets. Social capital works the same way. You have to invest before you can withdraw. If you can Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

A Warm Welcome to Niall Devitt, BizSugar's New Community Manager

Please say hello to Niall Devitt, our new Community Manager here at BizSugar. Many of you know Niall from … More
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