Time Management: Prioritization

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Time management is about getting the most valuable work done in any given period of time.
Time management training is training that will teach you how to get the most value into any given amount of time.
Time management training is consists of the following subset skills training.

1. Analysis Read More

A Living Wage

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I'm experimenting with offering my employees a living wage as a small business and documenting the whole process on my blog, small business billionaire. Read More
Are workplace loans truly a benefit of working for a company or are they another way for the employer to take advantage of their employees? You could call it either way but the interest rates of these loans give a clue as to who really benefits from workplace loans. Read More

How to Figure Your Retirement Needs

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Many of us look forward to retirement. However, as with all things in life, retirement requires money. As you do your best to figure out how much you need, here are some hints for getting a reasonable idea of what to expect: Read More

In-Demand Careers and Job Trends in Today's Economy

In-Demand Careers and Job Trends in Today's Economy Avatar Posted by Siraj under Employee Benefits
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When it comes to choosing a career it's one of the hardest decisions. Here is the list of careers which are going on top nowadays and will remain on top in near future. Read More
You definitely need to offer these 3 insurance policies to your employees, which are FREE for you to offer to them via Aflac:

1). Short-term Disability

2). Cancer/Specified Disease

3). Life

Want to know why? Read this blog: Read More

5 Steps Towards Enhancing Your Creativity

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Creativity is not a science, it is a problem solving tool. Take a look at this “How to be creative” infographic to find out more. Read More
Employee engagement can best be summarized as a dynamic partnership in which employees bond with their organization and with each other through shared understanding and a common purpose. Read More
Many of us feeling sleepy on our job or sometimes we have done it while working. Sleeping on the job is not something that your boss catches you doing and fires you. Today, a 15 minute sleep is not really bad even employer should pay their employees to sleep on the work. Read More
19% The MENA region saw the highest unemployment rate in the world. Check out this infographic “Employment In The Middle East Statistics and Trends ” to know more about the employment industry, career opportunities, and hiring expectancy and job trends in Middle East. Read More

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