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Marsha Friedman @marshafriedman Business Celebrity

Marsha Friedman believes your business should have more than just a brand. She believes your business should be a celebrity.

To that end, she’s written a book called Celebritize Yourself and set about creating that status for her clients with her groundbreaking PR company, EMSI.

Friedman and her team work to use the 24-hour TV, radio, print and digital media news cycle as a platform for their clients’ stories.

Those clients have included corporations and experts across fields including business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports, and entertainment.

A roster of those she has represented reads like a list of top celebrities from every field including Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane, and Motown legends, The Temptations.

Over the span of her company’s existence, Friedman has kept her finger on the pulse of that celebrity, including interviews with stars like Tony Curtis, Ed Begley Jr., Augusten Burroughs, Faith Evans, Vicki Lawrence, Denise Jackson, Janine Turner, and Rose Rock on a former radio show called The Family Roundtable.

She also talks PR with EMSI VP of Media Operations, Alex Hinojosa, on her Blog Talk Radio show EMSI’s PR Insider every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST.

Friedman’s award winning PR firm is a star in its own right with a groundbreaking pay-per-performance service for clients she introduced long before this kind of service was standard for the industry.

Within her field, Friedman is a bit of a star in her own right, consulting regularly with individuals and businesses and asked to speak at conferences about how to harness publicity for business.

She is proud of her company’s innovative approach working in partnership with clients to assure their success on a per project and per performance basis, while maintaining a high degree of financial success. (Her business experienced one of its highest revenue years in the midst of the 2009 recession!)

Using BizSugar is one more way Friedman has found of gaining additional publicity and of engaging with other small business owners.

“As a PR and marketing professional, Bizsugar allows me to share my experience and tips with other like-minded connections in the industry. It also provides me a forum to interact with and offer insight to many of the common (and not-so-common) questions in the field,” says Friedman.

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14 Responses to “Marsha Friedman @marshafriedman Business Celebrity”

  1. Ti Roberts says:

    Congrats, Marsha! I like your outlook on building a celebrity brand. That’s exactly what I seek to do in my niche. You have a rather impressive list of celebrity connections as well. Congrats again on being featured and we appreciate your contribution! 🙂


  2. Tom Watson says:

    Welcome aboard Marsh! Your skills will forever be in demand in this 24 hour per day news cycle we live in and I look forward to following your advice.

  3. Congrats Marsha, yourr story is very inspiring 🙂

  4. Welcome to the Contributor of the Week Club, Marsha! Thanks for participating at BizSugar.

  5. Marsha,

    Congratulations! I will order your book, Celebritize Yourself! I want to talk about Mark Rathbun’s post (March 27, 2012) with you at some point.

    From the post:

    “At the end of the day, Steve and I have chosen to maintain our Code of Honor and our personal integrity.”

    Best Premises,

    Martin Lindeskog

    1. Thank you, Martin. Just let me know when.

      1. Marsha: Great to hear! 🙂

  6. BizRock says:

    Congrats Marsha! 🙂

  7. Jenny Bhatt says:

    Very impressive, Marsha, how you and your team approach your client needs (I browsed through your website as well). Congratulations!

  8. Will says:

    An interesting perspective on branding. I shall be thinking about that idea over the coming weeks as I seek to rework my vision for the next 5 years – thanks for the inspiration.

    Will 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! It’s so wonderful to meet so many new connections. Also, it’s an honor be named the contributor of the week. And thank you for so many retweets!


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