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Jon-Mikel Bailey @woodstreetweb Creates Business By Design

Since its founding in 2002, the Web and mobile design firm Jon-Mikel Bailey heads with partners James Stup, Jason Giuliano and Derek Jubach has focused on making the clients they serve look good.

Headed by a talented team, Wood Street Inc., named for a street where Bailey and Stup lived as roommates while attending Frostburg State University in Maryland, has focused on creating a spirit of learning in its company culture.

“Our first newsletter sent 10 years ago in October of 2002, as an email, was titled ‘Turn Your Website into a Resource.’ We’ve always believed that our clients are all experts in their field and have something to offer their target audience. We encourage them to do this through their website, blog, newsletter, social, and mobile marketing,” Bailey explains.

And since that time the company has tried hard to practice what it preaches by providing not just design services, but expertise to help clients make their Web presence shine.

“We see a need in the business and non-profit world for education on how to effectively use all of the tools available online. We write blog posts to share our expert advice with our clients and anyone else in need. We also provide an email newsletter – the Wood Street Journal – to make sure this information gets out there,” says Bailey.

Bailey also speaks regularly at events, seminars, and panel discussions on mobile, social, and online marketing to further share the company’s expertise.

One of the recent channels for distributing Wood Street Inc.’s distinct brand of knowledge has been the BizSugar community.

“For us, Biz Sugar was an obvious place to share our content as well as other great content that is in line with our philosophy of educating our clients,” says Bailey. “I learned about Biz Sugar from Tamar Weinberg and others. I started poking around and found a wealth of information as well as a group of like-minded content marketing experts. To be a contributor of the week is a great honor and serves as validation that the content we are creating has the value that we are striving to provide.”

You can follow Bailey on his personal Twitter channel at @jonmikelbailey or on his company’s Website WoodStreet.com

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7 Responses to “Jon-Mikel Bailey @woodstreetweb Creates Business By Design”

  1. Amanda says:

    Congrats Jon-Mikel!

  2. Susan Oakes says:

    Congratulations Jon-Mikel. As a regular reader of Wood Street Journal blog I would recommend it as it has very useful articles.

  3. Ti Roberts says:

    Congratulations Jon! This is exactly what I love about BizSugar – people from all business backgrounds/niches can all congregate in one community and learn from one another while at the same time lifting each other up.

    Thanks for your contribution and all that you do!


  4. Congrats Jon-Mikel Bailey!

    What is the name Woods Street coming from?

  5. BizRock says:

    Congrats Jon-Mikel! 🙂

  6. Jon-Mikel,
    Thanks again for a great interview. I’m glad to have gotten to know you a little better and thanks for participating at BizSugar.com.

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