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Allison Semancik Helps Ideas Sprout @AllieMiami

After years of working to cultivate other people’s small business gardens, Allison Semancik decided to plant some seeds of her own.

After nine years of working in online marketing, Semancik, our latest contributor of the week, decided the time had come to strike out on her own.

“So in 2010, I launched Idea Sprouts, an online marketing firm that focuses on businesses in the health and wellness industry,” said Semancik. “As an online marketing consultant, I help my clients increase leads and sales by launching blogs and effectively using social media.”

When it comes to tending other people’s gardens, the amount of water, light and plant food varies based on the kind of plants and their individual needs.

“Since every business is different, I love that I have the opportunity to create a unique and effective plan for each business,” Semancik said.

She enjoys helping small business owners show off their businesses in the best possible light.

“I’m thrilled that I can help businesses get more exposure online and work with people individually,” she said.

As an online marketer specializing in helping businesses in the health and wellness industry, she takes pride in nursing ailing marketing campaigns to health.

“It’s so fulfilling to see my clients succeed,” said Semancik.

Semancik discovered BizSugar back in 2011 as another great prescription to cure the ills of any under-the-weather marketing effort, thanks to BizSugar CEO Anita Campbell.

“I found out about BizSugar after seeing Anita Campbell speak at an event in Miami last year,” Semancik recalled. “I was so impressed with her and the information that she shared with us!”

So what is it about BizSugar that she finds so helpful?

“BizSugar has been an amazing resource for me,” Semancik explained. “Since I do spend a lot of time using social media, I find that BizSugar is a real time-saver when it comes to finding quality content to share. I can browse through categories to quickly get to articles and information I am looking for, and then share them with my followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google +. It’s also helped me discover blogs I would not have [discovered] otherwise.”

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  1. Hi Allison,
    The future is a rainbow of beautiful tomorrows when
    you hold a dream in your heart! Congratulations!

  2. Amanda says:

    Congrats Allison!

  3. Staci Wood says:

    Way to go Allison!

  4. Thank you so much! I am so honored to be featured and to be part of such a wonderful community like BizSugar!

  5. Hi Allison! We love having you and it was such a great experience doing the interview and getting to know you and your business a bit better!

  6. Congrats Allison Semancik! I want to talk with you regarding the health and wellness industry. I am involved in some projects that belong to this field.

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