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Blogger Dishes on Sweetest Secrets at BizSugar Chat

Our BizSugar community participated in its first Facebook chat Monday with great turnout and participation. Our special guest Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips, answered questions and shared insights on the topic of “Creating Content Gold.” You can check out the entire archived chat by visiting the BizSugar Facebook page.

BizSugar community manager Niall Devitt concluded the one hour session packed with answers to a wide variety of content marketing questions:

Thanks to everyone that joined us and especially those that asked questions. We hope you enjoyed our very first Bizsugar Facebook chat and will join us again.

Among questions Ileane fielded from the BizSugar community were an inquiry about how much research should be done when preparing a blog post:

I’m always reading blogs and curating content on the web. That way I always have ideas for blog posts handy. Here’s what I use to curate content – Scoop.it, Tumblr, Paper.li and I even use Pinterest now too. For example if you head over to my Facebook page you’ll see a tab for my podcasting Pins. 🙂

She also answered a question about how long the average blog post (say 600 words) generally takes her to create:

I don’t have a specific rule of thumb. But if you find that you are spending too much time writing good blog posts, then you should start looking for guest bloggers. MyBlogGuest is a good place to start if you don’t know anyone you can ask. You can also consider outsourcing.

Ileane also responded to the all important question of how to go about getting those guest bloggers that add variety to your content:

I belong to a ton of blogging communities like BizSugar (of course) Blog Engage, Blokube and a few others. I also visit a lot of blogs so many people in the blogging community get to know me. I’m very visible and approachable and that makes it easy for people to request guest posts. On the other hand – I recorded a video AND [an] audio podcast listing all of the instructions and requirements for guest posters. This saves a lot of time when I need to respond to requests that seem to come “out of the blue”. LOL

Have any other questions you’d like to pose to Ileane? Stop over at her Basic Blog Tips Facebook page and she’ll be happy to chat with you.

18 Responses to “Blogger Dishes on Sweetest Secrets at BizSugar Chat”

  1. It was a great Q&A Ileane. Thanks so much for contributing and providing such great insights. I will be referring back to this a lot I think 🙂

    1. Ileane says:

      Hi Sian, it was really a lot of fun. I didn’t know I could type that fast LOL!! Thanks for your questions and support. I’m looking forward to the next Facebook Q&A, only this time I’ll be asking the questions so I won’t need to type as fast.

  2. Thanks Ileane for your great answers. It is rare to get genuine answers from professionals like you… Thanks once again.

    1. Ileane says:

      Hi Kelvin, you’re welcome.

  3. Vedran says:

    Hi Ileane,

    That was a great Q&A you did on Monday. I really enjoyed it!

    1. Ileane says:

      Hi Vedran, I just realized that you were with us on the Q&A also. Thanks so much for coming out and spending some time hanging out with me on Facebook!

      1. Vedran says:

        It was my pleasure, Ileane!

  4. Hi Ileane,
    Despite I missed the Q&A on Monday, I went through it and you gave the best answers that would help other people seeking to create gold content!.


    1. Ileane says:

      Valentine, I saw that you “liked” quite a few of the responses on the Q&A. So glad you stopped by and went through the archives. You’re awesome. Thanks.

  5. Staci Wood says:

    Hi Ileane,
    It was a great chat and you provided some great insight for those seeking to “create content gold” – thanks so much!

    1. Ileane says:

      Hi Staci! I’ve got to find out who came up with the idea of “Content Gold”. I love it! I’m going to use that line whenever I can LOL!! Thanks for everything Staci. I really appreciate you. Chat soon.

  6. Thank you again, Ileane! You shared some valuable resources!

  7. BizRock says:

    Great Q&A Ileane! You provide to us awesome answers. Thank you!

  8. Niall Devitt says:

    Great chat, folks! Thanks so much to Ileane, who was wonderful and shared so much great advice. Looking forward to the next one, already 😉

  9. bbrian017 says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about blog engage Ileane your a sweetheart!

  10. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I missed the chat, but thanks for sharing the links here Heather. Great answers from Ileane 🙂

  11. Tom Watson says:

    I’m WAY LATE to this party, but I must say Ileane is omnipresent online. Everywhere I go, she is there. She is a great example of how to get the word out and show your expertise.

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