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Woo-hoo! It’s Sherryl Perry: BizSugar “Contributor of the Week”

As anyone who regularly visits the BizSugar community knows, we absolutely love our contributors.

Contributors like Sherryl Perry, who we recognize today as “Contributor of the Week,” add so much to BizSugar everyday by submitting articles, making comments and networking with other members via the BizSugar main site and our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. And we are so excited to get to know them!

Sherryl is no stranger to many of our members, we’re sure. Check out her awesome blog Keep Up With the Web and follow her unique posts on the BizSugar community sharing topics of particular importance to small business people operating online.

Here is Sherryl’s story:

“After spending over 20 years as an information technology professional, coupled with five years as a public school teacher, I found myself unemployed as the result of corporate downsizing,” Sherryl explains. “I’ve spent the past seven years launching home-based businesses. In the process, I developed a deep appreciation of the trials and tribulations of being a sole proprietor and a small business owner.”

Enter “Keep Up With The Web”…

“When I launched my blog, KeepUpWithTheWeb, my goal was to create a website where small business owners and entrepreneurs could exchange ideas and information,” Sherryl says. “There’s an entire community of like-minded bloggers and business people who collectively have a wealth of information to share. I wanted to foster that exchange while focusing on core business strategies that can be implemented both online and in the brick and mortar world.”

And where does BizSugar fit in with Sherryl’s efforts?

“BizSugar means three things to me, Sherryl explains. “First, it’s a resource where I can find a network of like-minded business people who share valuable information with each other. Second, BizSugar provides an opportunity to build awareness of my blog by submitting business related articles. The third benefit is the pingbacks, links, tweets and shares that I receive from BizSugar and the other members of the BizSugar community. BizSugar also provides me easy access to valuable information that I can share with my followers. This makes BizSugar a win-win-win (for me, the bloggers I’m connected with and my followers who benefit by learning from some of the articles that I find here).

Would you like to be a BizSugar “Contributor of the Week” recognized here by the BizSugar community? It’s easy to become eligible. Simply sign up for a free BizSugar account and start sharing your small business content with your fellow members. Then “like” the BizSugar Facebook community and you could be our next recognized contributor.

32 Responses to “Woo-hoo! It’s Sherryl Perry: BizSugar “Contributor of the Week””

  1. Congratulation Sherryl for being the Bizsugar of the week. Keep rocking 🙂

    1. Thanks Valentine. I appreciate your support.

  2. Amanda says:

    Congrats Sherryl! It was nice to learn more about you.

    1. Hi Amanda, It’s nice to meet you. I’m following you now on Facebook and Twitter. I always enjoy new recipes. 🙂

  3. Vedran Tomic says:

    Hi Sherryl,

    Congrats on being our BizSugar contributor of the week!

  4. Thanks everyone for the congratulations. I was honored to be recognized as “Contributor of the Week”. Thanks to everyone at BizSugar for making this happen.

  5. businessavante says:

    I’m a big Sherryl fan – she always delivers very high quality. I’ll be looking forward to more great stuff from Keep Up With the Web.

    1. Thanks. I really appreciate the support! I try to share personal experiences on my blog and I encourage commenting. There’s a wealth of information to be found in some of the comments left on my blog. It was my hope that some new BizSugar readers might find my blog from this post!

  6. Joel Libava says:


    I never saw your blog, and i decided to take a peek since you are the bizSugar, “Contributor of the Week.”


    What a refreshing change from “all the other blogs” out there.

    (Your content isn’t too shabby, either.)

    Way to go!

    The Franchise King®

    1. Thanks Joel. I’m glad you found my blog refreshing and not “too shabby” too. 🙂

  7. Myron says:

    Congrats Sherryl, I’ve been a fan for a while.

    1. Thanks Myron. You’ve helped give me an idea or two for my blog which I appreciate!

  8. Staci says:

    Congrats, Sherryl – well done!

  9. Congrats Sherryl! You are so deserving of this recognition 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support as always Julie.

  10. Saw awesome Sherrly! Well done… and very much deserved. You are just an amazing supporter for others and I’m glad to see you acknowledge for it.

    Keep it up. 😉

    1. Thank you Michele. You’re an amazing supporter too. I feel truly blessed to have connected with such a great group of bloggers online. I can count on all of you. 🙂

  11. Sherryl: Congratulations. Your latest post, Can Anyone Really Follow 131,000 People on Twitter? is a gem! I will take this into consideration when I am building my Google+ presence.

    1. Thanks Martin. I’m glad you liked it. I’m one of the people that Chris Brogan unfollowed. 🙂 I haven’t quite figured out my strategy for Google+ yet but when I do, I’ll probably be writing another article.

  12. Congrats, Sherryl. I want you to know how much we appreciate your participation here on BizSugar. – Anita

    1. Thanks Anita. I look at BizSugar as a great resource and I’m grateful to Susan Oakes for introducing me to your site.

  13. Ileane says:

    Hi Sherryl! Congrats on being the contributor of the week here at BizSugar. I’m sure this is just one of the many accolades that are sure to come your way. It’s always nice to get to know a little more about you. I can totally picture you being a school teacher 🙂
    Your blog is really awesome and you do such a great job of supporting the small business community and keeping us informed. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Ileane. You know I’m a huge fan of yours too. I would have been perfectly happy being an elementary school teacher for my entire career but that was in the 70’s. When I entered college, there was a shortage of teachers and when I graduated, there was a glut. I taught but never got tenure. My last stint as a junior high school teacher sealed the deal for me and I went to school to learn how to program.:)

  14. Congratulations Sherryl!!

    For those of you who don’t know Sherryl I would like to stress how competent, cooperative and friendly she is. She knows her business and gets results. Highly recommend her!

    1. Thanks Catarina. I appreciate the recommendation.

      For anyone who’s not familiar with Catarina. You should check out her blog if you’re looking for material that will challenge you and make you think!

  15. Jackie says:

    Congrats Sherryl, although we have only recently connected I have great respect for your work and appreciate the time you take to connect and encourage dialogue on your posts.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better and reading more great stuff.

    1. Thanks Jackie. The respect is definitely mutual. I’m glad we finally connected. I had been reading your blog for a while. I think our blogs are very complimentary.

  16. Niall Devitt says:

    Hi Sheeryl, I’m Niall, the new community manager. Congratulations on becoming the latest contributor of the week here at BizSugar. Please continue to be such a valuable member of our community and I’m looking forward to reading more of your insightful articles. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Niall,
      It’s nice to meet you. I didn’t realize that BizSugar had a community manager. I hope to see and follow you on other networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. My user ID is keepupweb. How do we connect with you?

  17. Sherryl — what a wonderful honor! I can attest to the quality of Sherryl’s blog content as I’m a regular subscriber. A well deserved accolade.

    1. Thanks Jeannette. I hope to see your contributions on BizSugar soon. You know I’m a fan of your blog too!

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