The Real Fun Of Business: Seizing Inflection Points!

The Real Fun Of Business: Seizing Inflection Points! Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Technology
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By Bob Herbold

John Hennessy, the President of Stanford University, made quite a splash recently when he publicly predicted the death of the lecture hall as university education takes advantage of online capabilities. In his acceptance speech for the 2012 IEEE Medal of Honor, he went on to explain that you certainly can’t fully automate all of teaching but parts of it are an excellent match to current technologies; such as the lectures themselves.

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Written by elainerogers
450 days ago

Perhaps just highlighting the civil vs private chasm Bob? Academics and universities produce amazing studies, results, innovations, and discoveries. It's sharing and exploiting them for the benefit of the people I feel they struggle with, simply because of mindset.

Business owners on the other hand will take every opportunity to grow and exploit great ideas, innovations, and great discoveries.

I think one side can learn from the other. When the 2 "sides" get together??? Amazing things can and do happen!

Great post Bob - and thanks for sharing your insights from your experience.

Written by lyceum
453 days ago

It is interesting how Bob Herbold is taking an example from the academic world. I graduated in 2000 from a new type of education called 3-Year Program in Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University. The innovation of this program is to have an "integrating experience" at the end of each semester. For more info:

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