The Sochi Olympics will last only 17 days but the logistics are staggering. There will be more than 5,500 athletes and team members along with 1,350 Paralympic athletes. In addition, there will be more than 25,000 people on the support staff and 12,000 members of the media. More than 3 billion television viewers will be watching the event.

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Written by sha123
744 days ago

The author has written an excellent article. You made your point and not much to discuss. It's like this universal truth that you can not argue with the truth is not universal, everything has its exception. Thanks for this information.

Written by paultt77
744 days ago

That's a lot of borscht!

Written by bryanenglish
744 days ago


Written by joelcook
744 days ago

None of this ever crossed my mind...geez, hope it is a safe event for everyone involved.

Written by ColdFish
744 days ago

Although I'm well aware there is much that goes on behind the scenes of the Olympics, I have to admit I never really thought about how athletes transported all of their equipment, etc. nor did I consider all of the security risks involved. Very informative article!

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