How to Create a Secure Password That’s Easy to Remember

How to Create a Secure Password That’s Easy to Remember Avatar Posted by terry_culkin under Technology
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Is your password secure? Create an easy to remember secure password in minutes. Learn the formula.


Written by lyceum
1181 days ago

Terry: Thanks for sharing your views on this important matter. Talking about the threat coming from the east, do you remember the cyberattacks against sites in Estonia, in 2007?

Written by lyceum
1182 days ago

Terry: Thanks for your input in this matter! I will continue with my own way of creating secure passwords, and adopt your ideas into it in the future.

Do you think that the hacking and cracking incidents have increased during the last years?

Written by terry_culkin
1182 days ago

Yes. Hackers are using better software. Over 30,000 websites are hacked a day. Weak password actually makes up a small percentage of hacked sites. It's still very important.

Poor websites hosting, outdated server software makes up the largest issue followed by outdated website software. Like not updating WordPress or Plugins.

I worked as a systems administrator for an Ivy League University for 10 years and have seen a massive increase in attacks mostly coming from Eastern Europe.

On the other side of things there are great tools out there for protecting our businesses.

Written by ebele
1183 days ago

Oooh I love that tip, Terry. Thank you!

I'd really like an easy way to remember ALL my passwords, not just some. So thanks again.

Written by terry_culkin
1182 days ago

No Problem Ebele. That is just about creating a secure password. I will be revising my password management system to help people manage large amount of passwords. There is an older post in the security section on my website that gives the basics. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Written by lyceum
1183 days ago

Terry: Thanks for sharing your idea on how to create a secure password! I have come up to a similar system based on phrases and numbers with a twist. What's your take on password generator tools?

Written by terry_culkin
1183 days ago

Hi Lyceum. I find that this system works for most business owners. The password management tools I have an issue with since companies own them and a company get's bought out or closes. Even worse someone hacks them!

I know many experts that push these tools, but most of them work in security industry selling the tools themselves. Also not everything you need a password for needs to be secure. If you are putting a password in for FREE stuff, it doesn't need to be secure.

Password generator tools randomly select characters which are usually hard to remember. Using the system that I have written about, you can get the same level of security as the generator tool, but easier to remember.

Keep secure and

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