Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it's commonly referred to, is usually far too confusing for many people to even begin to understand.

The industry is filled with jargon and lots of incomprehensible-sounding technology which can scare those less educated about the topic away from actually exploring it as a viable option for their small business.

CEO of Jive Communications, Brent Thomson, joins hosts Anita Campbell to demystify VoIP and discuss the advantages it offers over standard telephones for small businesses having 1 to 40 employees.

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Written by McLaughlin
1708 days ago

very good topic.

About 10 years ago I installed VoIP in 66 Microsoft offices across Europe and people were just so confused by the concept that they refused to use it. So, I announced to the sites that had issues that we had stopped the service (but I didn't). 2 weeks later I announced that we were running a one week test (which was back on 'real' phone lines). After the test was over I asked if they liked the test service ('real' phone lines) or the previous 2 weeks. People said they liked what they thought was the plain old telephone system and freaked when I explained what I had done.

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