Here are the 10 mobile apps that allow me to be super productive when I’m out of the office. All of them are free, with some having paid options for additional features. They also work on both Android and iOS.


Written by lyceum
1739 days ago

Gary: I will do that! For a background on the netcast site, please read my post, Casting the Net Around New Media.

I like Squarespace's web and hosting platform. With this new site, I got the business package. I am also using Wordpress, Tumblr, Posthaven and Blogger.

Written by lyceum
1739 days ago

Gary: I will definitively test Any-Do. I have a Keep account, but I haven't used it so much yet.

Thanks for checking out my new (under construction ;) ) site. It will have more content in the near future. Right now it is default text from Squarespace's Aviator template. I have changed to the Dovetail template and will explore its features a.s.a.p.

I like my Moleskine notebooks and the new smart notebook is taking the best of low and high tech.

Written by GaryShouldis
1739 days ago

Let me know when it's up and running! I've heard good things about Squarespace, but have never personally used it. Give Keep a try, I'm using it more and more for managing multiple lists.

Written by lyceum
1740 days ago

Gary: Great list. I will bookmark and go through it. I have started to use Evernote on a daily basis now with my new smart notebook by Moleskine. I have searched for a good business card scanner for a long time, so I will check out Cam Card. I am an avid podcast listener and I have been using Downcast for some time on my iPhone. It doesn't have to sync with iTunes. I will compare it with InstaCast. I will write about these apps on my new site, EGO NetCast.

I have tested several to-do list, but I haven't been able to stick to one for a long time! ;) Maybe Any-Do will do?! ;) Have you tested Workflowy or matrix?

Written by GaryShouldis
1739 days ago

HI Martin, thanks! Let me know what you think of the Moleskin notebook, I'm an avid Evernote user. As for to-do lists, I've been using Any-Do for about 8 months now and enjoy it for my personal list. IT has some nice drag and drop features and reminder settings I like. I also use Google Keep, and have been enjoying it more and more. I use Keep to create separate lists for several different projects and clients. I can view all of the lists is as tiles when I open the app. I like being able to segment my lists like this and it backs up to your Drive account automatically. I've tried Workflowy, but not Eisenhower, never got into them. I like simple checklists. Off to check out your new site, cheers

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