As much as I love the Star Wars movies, George Lucas was and is a pretty unoriginal, some would say terrible, director and writer.

But it doesn't matter.

Like hundreds of millions of people all over the world, I'm in love with the way he presented old ideas in a different light. Something everyone in business should take care to consider every once in a while.

Read on to see how George Lucas's decisions as as a filmmaker and an entrepreneur continue to shape the world we live in!


Written by bembridge
2234 days ago

Great post, and very entertaining! I agree that one should not always confuse innovation with being 100% new - reinventing and looking for new angles is also as valid. And often be more successful, as the examples you gave of seeing a gap for license rights as an income stream. iPods were not the 1st MP3 players.. but we know how the reinvention of that linked to iTunes changed everything!

Written by CEO Space
2235 days ago

Clever title! I'm placing it on Facebook!

Written by Sian Phillips
2236 days ago

Brilliant. Love it. And had no idea about Lucas waiving the fee for the merchandising - he really did know what he was doing. Thanks for sharing on

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