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15 days have passed since I registered and started to use Bizsugar. Since then I have submitted nine stories (this is my number 10). Here I am sharing my thoughts on Bizsugar and information on how Bizsugar can help you get new readers and rank better in Google.


Written by funjobsforseniors
1004 days ago

Thanks for explaining to me why it is important to consider submitting an article to BizSugar. I'm dreaming about "sugars" now. Stop by and say hellp at

Written by enstine
1006 days ago

Hey bro welcome on board and I'm glad you are getting good results. Hope to it

Written by bigmoneyweb
1007 days ago

Bizsugar is a great community where you can meet other bloggers and read business posts. I have been using Bizsugar since over 4 years and I'm loving it more :)

One thing I love about the site is that, you can vote some interesting posts and comment and in return the person you have commented or voted for will return the same favor to you which is win win game.

Thanks for sharing

Written by sigbjorn
1006 days ago

I have realized the fact that people like to vote for those people who actually vote for them, which is great and it can inspire people to actually spend more time on Bizsugar... Thanks for replying!

Written by Sian Phillips
1007 days ago

Hi there - it's great to hear you are seeing the benefit of Bizsugar. One thing though - you do get your post seen straight away (if approved) and you don't have to wait until 16 votes. Just check the "recent" tab and all posts are there. Thanks for sharing on and here's to seeing lots more of your posts in the future.

Written by sigbjorn
1006 days ago

I know that the article turns visible from vote number 1, but what I meant is that to get published is to turn popular, so I guess I messed up the expressions a bit in the article. Thank you for pointing it out, and will change the words to make it "clearer" what I meant!

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