What Your Business Can Learn From Franchising

What Your Business Can Learn From Franchising Avatar Posted by GaryShouldis under Strategy
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When we think about franchising, we inevitably think of fast food because it’s everywhere and a part of our everyday environment. But that’s only one example of what a franchise actually is, and it can create misconceptions on what franchising really is.

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Written by AngelBiz
709 days ago

Every business can benefit from the thinking and creativity of its employees. However, not all business functions need to or and should allow employees to try different things. As you suggested the operations of the business where customers expect consistency should ask for a manual so that the customers always get the same quality of "McBurger" every time and every place. On the other hand letting employees make apply their thinking and creativity in customer service or new product development certainly can help the business.

Written by GaryShouldis
709 days ago

Hey Harry,

Finding that balance between streamlining operations and keeping creativity alive and thriving is a challenge for any business owner.

Written by HeatherStone
711 days ago

Hi Gary,

Replicating a business model is certainly one way to scale. However, I sometimes wonder if doing so doesn't also limit your brand in another way. If your product or service is individual, special and less repeatable, it could also be more unique and more valuable. Just a look at the other side. Thanks for sharing with the BizSugar community!

Written by GaryShouldis
710 days ago

Hey Heather,

If a business has visions of expansion, then a more formal business structure needs to come in to play, or else expansion is near impossible. If you're happy with being a 1-2 employee business, that is equally terrific and you may not need as much structure. Many business owners have difficulty transitioning from solopreneur to entrepreneur. Many times it's due to the inability to replicate the way "they" do things hiring/training their employees. Once you go beyond a few employees, you're no longer able to have your finger on every detail of your business.

To your comment, I think there is a misconception that creating a formal set of standards and procedures will turn your business into a cookie cutter operation and take away from your uniqueness. To finish with an example of how structure and creativity can go hand in hand, Shakespeare created some of the greatest poetry in history using Sonnets, which follows a rigid set of rules for structure and cadence.

Thanks for the comments, I love being part of the BizSugar community!

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