What is Evergreen Content – How Do I Write It?

What is Evergreen Content – How Do I Write It? Avatar Posted by Carol_Amato under Strategy
From http://www.carolamato.com 1564 days ago
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Evergreen content is much like defining an evergreen tree – the evergreen tree retains its leaves even in the winter months – lasting throughout the year and never needing to shed as other trees.


Written by tiroberts
1564 days ago

Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Carol. I echo, Heather. It's best to focus more on evergreen content but also mix in timely content as a way to pull more attention to your evergreen content. Both works in your favor.


Written by Carol_Amato
1564 days ago

Hey Tiroberts,

You are welcome! I am more aware this now than I ever have been, and am glad so many folks are chiming in with their opinion. A balance is key, so will continue in that direction.

Have a good evening. :)

- Carol

Written by pegilola
1564 days ago

Love this way of writing. I will do the right things as describe. Thanks.

Written by Carol_Amato
1564 days ago

Hello Pegilola,

Me too! Sounds good - let me know what you come up with so I can check it out. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

- Carol

Written by bigmoneyweb
1565 days ago

Interesting read Carol, I also believe that a little mixture of both evergreen and timely contents will be great indeed as you said in the article. Writing evergreen contents is one thing that will always ensure that your blog keeps growing because, the article will always be fresh thereby bringing you more visitors steady. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by Carol_Amato
1564 days ago

Hi Val,

Yes, I agree - while I do like to stay on top of news and trendy topics I find it essential to keep publishing a steady diet of evergreen content on CarolAmato.com - it has become a resource of tutorials as well as keeping up to date with what's in the now.

Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!

- Carol :)

Written by HeatherStone
1565 days ago

Hi Carol,

There has long been debate among content marketing professionals about whether evergreen or timely content is more effective. While evergreen content has longer shelf life, timely content may be more compelling. I suspect you're correct in suggesting that a mix of the two is best. Thanks for sharing your conclusions with the BizSugar community.

Written by Carol_Amato
1565 days ago

Hello Heather,

Yes, a mix is what I strive for, very wise in my opinion. :) I’ve enjoyed going back through my older blog posts that are not evergreen to see what I could do to update them – what a fun project. Tweaking, adding to it…. then update.

You are very welcome!

Love BizSugar!

- Carol

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