The copywriting process can be followed by anyone creating content for clients on (or off) the web. Does the copywriting process work for you? Hint: yes!


Written by lyceum
1921 days ago


I have to check out Ruth Zive's site, Marketingwise, in more detail.

I spent time with family. Relaxing, chilling out. ;)

Please send me an email so we could talk more about your future travel plans. I want to visit Canada again. Did a short stop at Nova Scotia in 2000...

Written by lyceum
1927 days ago

Kelvin: Thanks for your reply! How was your holiday? Do you have some examples of company leaders in B2B communication?

Written by KelvinIsAwesome
1922 days ago

Hey Martin, my favorite B2B marketing agency is Ruth Zive's Marketingwise. Ruth built herself up from a freelance copywriter into an all-inclusive content marketing machine. I take a lot of inspiration from her, and link to her posts a lot.

Holiday was great! Spent xmas day alone on top of a mountain! How bout yourself? I bet Gottenburg is gorgeous during the holidays. One of my goals in life is to go to Sweden.

Written by lyceum
1945 days ago

Kevin: What would you say is the biggest difference between a B2B and B2C copywriting process?

Written by KelvinIsAwesome
1930 days ago

Whoa, sorry, I didn't see this during the holidays!

I think B2B copywriting simply adds a layer, another hurdle for you to navigate. Ultimately it's all about flow - who is the copy for in the end? It's like a crowd at a concert; ultimately the music is for them, but first it comes through the instruments, into amplifiers, into microphones, through mixers, through speakers and finally into someone's ears. Think of all those barriers as levels of clients, and be thankful it rarely gets that complicated!

Written by KelvinIsAwesome
1947 days ago

Thanks Heather!

Written by HeatherStone
1947 days ago


What a great post to end 2012. A good point here is that content creation is not the last step in your online marketing process. Without support, it's a tree falling in the forest. No one will hear it.

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