The Art of War - a 13 point plan to Mastering Business Strategy

The Art of War - a 13 point plan to Mastering Business Strategy Avatar Posted by elishbul under Strategy
From 1921 days ago
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This post demystifies The Art of War’s ancient treatise on military strategy with my basic interpretation spelling out step-by-step,the 13 gems of strategic thinking. Alongside Machiavelli’s Prince, Sun Tzu‘s “The Art of War” has been one of the texts cited as a source of razor sharp strategic thinking for the Business world. Ever wondered why it’s so famous?


Written by elainerogers
1914 days ago

Hi Elish.

I loved the book, and really enjoyed your interpretation of the 13 Tactics. I found it quite easy to read about them from a business perspective.

Perhaps the long standing learning i have gained form the book (as it's a couple of years since I read it) is linked to all that I am currently reading and learning about online business and communication - always think what your customers wants to solve, and they are more concerned about their problem / pain than your suggested solutions. They want you to offer them their solution, not yours.

This form of thinking propels us into strategy immediately, compelling us to think of the opposite side's point of view.

Great analysis, and what a monster post!

Written by MarkT
1920 days ago

This is amazingly detailed. I have been meaning to read the Art of War for a while now and never had the chance to get around to it. Shows me what I am missing.

Written by elishbul
1919 days ago

Thanks for the Comment. The reason i got the detail in?(I have to confess) i was kinda writing this for myself as much as everyone else and wanted to get to grips with it on a basic level - nevertheless there's still way more detail in the actual translations and intriguing insightful observations on human behaviour to be found at every level

Written by lyceum
1921 days ago

Elish: I will you give a book companion tip in a few days... ;)

Written by sadiakomal
1921 days ago

Nice post

Written by elishbul
1921 days ago

thanks for the comment- hope you enjoy reading the original too

Written by elishbul
1921 days ago

Thanks for the generous comment! There are so many layers to this - I just know that every time I read it I will uncover even more. Don't hesitate to peruse the original text - it is just brimming with pure yet devious common sense

Written by nialldevitt
1921 days ago

Wow, what a great post, I'll be returning to this later. Bookmarked!

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