How to make profitable YouTube Video Channels in 2017

How to make profitable YouTube Video Channels in 2017 Avatar Posted by pvariel under Strategy
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2017 is the year of visual effects. People are more and more interested in visuals or images as ever before. Going through a text material to grasp the thing it may take a lot of time and energy but at the same time if one can easily present thousands of word text with few visuals. Not only that that visual effect gives an easy understanding. Yes, in such a situation a video can bring in more effectiveness in understanding or grasp the things easily.

How to make profitable YouTube Video Channels?
Few Vital Tips Are Revealed In This Post.


Written by BethBall
271 days ago

This is great- it's something I have all my clients read!

Beth Anne Ball Marketing

Written by pvariel
272 days ago

Hi @Lyceum,

Yes, the same day informed about it to the developers. I hope that they may soon fix the lapse.

Thanks for your kind note.

Have a great dau.



Written by lyceum
272 days ago

Philip: Thanks for your heads-up. Talk soon again!

Have a great day!

All the Best,


Written by pvariel
278 days ago

Hi, Ileane, Thank you so much for your kind note, sure, as it is a shared post, I will surely inform the developers of this infographic about the urgent need for a change. Thanks, Ileane for the great alert.

May you have a great and profitable week ahead.

Keep sharing

Best Regards

~ Phil

Written by Ileane
278 days ago

The Infographic needs just a small update - otherwise it's all good!

Written by lyceum
278 days ago

Ileane: Good to hear!

Written by Ileane
278 days ago

YouTube no longer offers Fan Funding. It was replaced by Super Chat earlier this year.

Written by pvariel
272 days ago

He Ileane,

Thanks for your note, accordingly I informed the Infographic developers about this and am sure they will make the necessary changes.

Thanks a lot for your timely alert about this.

Keep sharing.

May you have a profitable week ahead.

Best regards,

~ Philip

Written by lyceum
278 days ago

Ileane: Thanks for your note about this update. I hope Philip Verghese will take notice of this.

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