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It’s the late 1980’s and Bill Hinchey just saw his young company, Solar Care Technologies, featured in a complimentary Wall Street Journal piece. Hinchey, along with two other guys he met while working for consumer products giant Proctor and Gamble, had recently set up shop in a business incubator in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley to develop a sunscreen towelette.

Undoubtedly the article had given Hinchey’s business a boost, upping its exposure and putting its name on the map. But as most young entrepreneurs come to learn, everyday is by no means another slam dunk waiting to happen.

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Written by kingofcontent92
122 days ago

Amazing article,thanks to the author for giving us these useful advice and information.

Written by tiroberts
123 days ago

It's important to keep your out for potential opportunities, however, you should always gauge if the opp is worth it or would be beneficial to you and your business. Thanks for sharing your information with us.

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