Creating a Business with a Low Traffic Blog

Creating a Business with a Low Traffic Blog Avatar Posted by cherry93 under Strategy
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You don't need a blog or Website with massive traffic to create a viable business. Nathan Barry of Designing Web Applications discusses a case study in creating and launching an information product without the benefit of a huge audience or an established brand or much significant Web traffic for that matter. Starting with a site with only 100 subscribers, Barry shows the process he used to launch an ebook product that made $12,000 on launch and eventually brought in $35,000 in total sales. Follow this step by step case study of Barry's product launch to see how similar information businesses can be created from very humble beginnings.


Written by HeatherStone
970 days ago


I think it's a helpful and important message that business blogs do not need to have a huge volume of readership in order to have value as a business tool. It was also nice to see this post being shared with the BizSugar community. Thanks for a detailed case study!

Written by tiroberts
970 days ago

Wonderful post, Nathan. They way you went about building your list and working on one sole product/project is what many bloggers lack. They spread themselves too thin, trying to make money from all different areas and end up making no money at all. You were very smart in your planning and execution. Congrats on your success and thanks so much for sharing such a valuable post. I've learned a lot from it!


Written by lyceum
971 days ago

Nathan Barry: Thanks for giving me another reason why I should write, publish, distribute and develop e-books!

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