4 Reasons Your Home Business Needs a Private Mailbox

4 Reasons Your Home Business Needs a Private Mailbox Avatar Posted by JanetG under Strategy
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Many small businesses start out being run from home. It's cheaper and smarter than investing in a pricey office, before your business gets off the ground. Also, if you're delivering a service, it may not be necessary to have an office or other facility.

This post outlines 4 (actually 5) reasons that you need a private mailbox service, such as provided by the UPS Store. For security reasons, you may not wish to publicize your home address on the Web. A post office box will not be sufficient, either, because it ... well ... looks like a post office box. But a private mailbox service gives you a professional image while protecting your privacy -- and has some other benefits, too.


Written by lyceum
2733 days ago

Shawn, Yes, a mail box is an inexpensive way of having a physical presence and contact point. I am using the co-working space for meeting other entrepreneurs and business minded people, going through my to-do list, etc. At this particular co-working space, you could rent it and use as much as you want, e.g., once a week, and pay accordingly.

I think that we will see new alternatives of business meeting places in the future.

Written by ShawnHessinger
2734 days ago

Thanks for sharing, Janet. Martin, I think it all depends on the cost. Post office boxes can be VERY inexpensive in the beginning though I'm sure a co-working space would be better. It really depends what you will be using the address for and how often. The key idea is to stick with something that perfectly suits your needs.

Written by lyceum
2734 days ago

How about renting a virtual office address at for example World Trader Center or Regus?

Is the "suite address" really the physical location of the mail box center?

I have had a couple of mail boxes at local postal offices during the years, but now I have a mailing address at a co-working & pre-incubator place in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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