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Mike McGrath’s B2B online quotation service, is a boon - offering buyers an efficient liaison point with suppliers that saves companies time and money.

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Written by BizRock
735 days ago

Great video interview! Thank you for sharing!

Written by elainerogers
734 days ago

Most welcome, it's always helpful to hear from other biz owners, esp in different countries :) - always something to learn! Thanks for watching

Written by Warren Rutherford
737 days ago

This a great interview with Mike. Great concept and he is adept at explaining and implementing. Clearly one of his central values is providing a personal linkage between his customers and suppliers, in a field that will certainly grow and expand. Thanks.

Written by elainerogers
736 days ago

Absolutely Warren, even though he is operating in a space that we all appreciate (i.e. saving money) it's dog eat dog out there, and I hugely respect his positive outlook and sheer commitment to the people using the site, from both sides.

Thanks for watching, and sharing your thoughts.

Written by nialldevitt
737 days ago

Thanks to Mike for taking part and sharing his insights, he comes across as such a likeable and knowledgeable guy that you can't but help wishing him every success.

Written by elainerogers
736 days ago

Hi Niall,

Yes Mike is a maverick. A true gentleman, and like yourself so generous with his time with others. One thing that has struck me is his commitment to the business and his sense of conviction. He is in a tough business and knows how important it is to avail of the resources that are available to business owners starting out.

I trust Mike will touch many other entrepreneurs through this interview, and I had such fun chatting with him!

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