Are you curious?

Are you curious? Avatar Posted by CatarinasWorld under Startups
From 2023 days ago
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If not, you are missing out, says Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur and Stanford consulting associate professor. Curiosity is key if you want to succeed.


Written by tcamba
2019 days ago

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I make it a point to always try new things all the time and sometimes go out of my comfort zone. Curiosity has put me into trouble most of the times but it has been responsible also for my personal growth.

Written by CatarinasWorld
2019 days ago

Great and fun comment, Tcamba!

Written by tlighting7099st
2021 days ago

good information

Written by RayOfficeTips
2022 days ago

Hi, I am new here. I just want to ask. How do you submit stories here? I already tried to submit by clicking the 'Submit an Article' button, but after I logout and login the next day. I tried to check my submitted stories and it says 0.

Does anybody have an answer to my problem?

Thanks in advance.

Written by CatarinasWorld
2022 days ago

Great that we all agree about the importance of curiosity!

Written by lyceum
2022 days ago

Yes, I am a curious cat! ;) We started a company together with our classmates in the end of the 80's, calling the company for Curio. :)

Written by ShawnHessinger
2022 days ago

Hi Catarina,

I've always put a great deal of stock in both creativity and curiosity...and, as Blank says, I've always believed the most creative and innovative people have a curiosity ranging far beyond their own fields. Steve Jobs' oft publicized interest in typography, for example, gave us personal computers with beautiful fonts and a totally different publishing model. Who would have expected this from a computer, often thought of before the Apple as a glorified calculator or a giant file cabinet for storing and retrieving data? There are many other examples from inside and outside entrepreneurship, but one basic principle is this: Little innovation comes from those who lack the ability to ask "what if...?" and who stay within the confines of what is standard practice for their industry or field.

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