Spotting business trends can give you the means to create a new business. Here is a list of websites you can use to find both trends and opportunities.

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Written by lyceum
125 days ago

Ivan: Thanks for the link to Seth Godin's content on Squidoo! It will be perfect X-mas reading!

Written by lyceum
129 days ago

Ivan: Yes, Squidoo has a challenge there. Do you know if Seth Godin has addressed this issue? Do you know about a site that guide you through the steps to get started with Squidoo?

Written by ivanpw
126 days ago

There are loads of sites on how to get started with Squidoo - many of them are... um... sub-par.

For me, the best place to get started with Squidoo is Seth Godin's very own blog:

Written by lyceum
130 days ago

Ivan: I have been thinking of creating a Squidoo page for my passion for tea. How big is the spam pages on Squidoo? How big is the affiliate link income potential?

Written by ivanpw
129 days ago


It's a good idea, but spam pages are major issue with Squidoo - as well as other free platforms. Some people I know make a living on Squidoo. They have dozens - even hundreds - of Squidoo pages!

Written by BizRock
130 days ago

Great and useful article!Thank you for sharing this article about great sites we can use to identify rmerging business trends and opportunities.

Written by HeatherStone
130 days ago

Hi Ivan,

I like TechMeme but haven't really thought of some of the rest as real trend indicators before. I was surprised, in particular, to see Squidoo on your list. I agree that watching trends is important, even for established businesses. Markets continue to shift and it sometimes amazes me how many people are simply doing the same old thing and expecting the same results. I'd like to hear more about how you incorporate some of the trends you find into an existing business. How do you personally decide which trends might indicate things you need to change in your operations...or what new opportunities are out there. I think it would be great to have more discussion on this.

Written by ivanpw
130 days ago


Squidoo often indicates what people are looking for. The view counts, the votes, the comments... they often show whether a topic has a market or not.

To incorporate the trends, I usually take the cautious approach. Cutting edge, much hyped trends are not in my playbook as they are more likely to be hype/fad than legitimate opportunities.

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