One of the biggest challenges new business owners face is how to market their business without going broke. luckily there are lots of free and low-cost ways to get your name out into the community without spending thousands of dollars on newspaper ads, despite what the newspaper rep tells you.

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Written by tiroberts
420 days ago

Fantastic suggestions, Gary. Starting a blog is one to the best free leveraged ways to get the word out about your business. You'll attract quality customers and may also attract partners to help you promote.

The thing about blogging is that most small businesses don't understand the concept and benefit, which is sad. I think that there should be some sort of blogging 101 course that small business owners should be required to take. It'll help them really see how going online can save them a ton of money and get even more exposure. :)

Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Gary.


Written by GaryShouldis
420 days ago

Hi Ti,

You're right, most business owners are told blogging is a terrific way to market their business but almost none of them are successful at it. I think most people are impatient and blogging requires a lot of patience if you want to see the rewards. Yes, a good course for small business owners would be great! Thanks Ti!

Written by bigmoneyweb
426 days ago

The hardest thing when it comes to running a business is to market it, sometimes, you will discover that starting the business is not always where the work lies but, in marketing it. And, its obvious that there are so many free and very effective ways to market a business without burning your hand. this is really a interesting article, thanks for sharing it with the bizsugar community.


Written by GaryShouldis
425 days ago

Thanks Val, yes, being creative has the ability to payoff way more than paying $ when it comes to marketing, you just need to try different ways to get your name out there. Cheers

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