Even if you know that you should be including social media in your business marketing, when it comes to the implementation, many of you are getting it wrong. You may not realize just how much your efforts are actually cutting in to your income when they supposedly should be increasing it.

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Written by lyceum
843 days ago

Adam: I hear you! ;) I am glad that I am not "created equal." I am an unique individual! :)

Written by lyceum
843 days ago

Adam: As one of the commentators that wrote on Location Based Services, I agree with your ideas. That is why I am saying that you have to start to answer the "why" question, do a P.O.S.T social media plan and consult a social media evangelist and business philosopher like me! :) Social media is double-edged sword. If you don't know what you are doing, you will cut yourself...

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
843 days ago

Martin, I totally agree! Small business owners need to start with the "why" behind their social media- based efforts, and if small business owners don't know what they are doing with their social media campaigns they need to consult a good social media expert to help them through it.

The problem is... Not all Social Media professionals are created equal. One telltale sign that something is off: when the expert makes sweeping, general claims right from the beginning about what social media will do for your business (social media benefits are a highly individual matter); Another: there is no system or emphasis on measuring the actual monetary return for your efforts.

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
843 days ago

Yeah, but many business owners seem to have forgotten. Social media is not really a separate entity; it's merely a vehicle for communication and exchanging data. Customers are hanging out there, using it to make purchasing decisions, and incorporating its use in many other aspects of their lives. So businesses have to follow them in some way. But it itself can't build their brand.

Written by tcamba
843 days ago

This is so true. You got to build a brand that connects with people. It's been happening before the surge of social media as platforms for connecting with people.

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